Jan. 7th, 2014

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snowpocalyspe (2)
(That blur of fog at the end of the driveway is the cloud of snow from the snowblower. You can't see Dad running it, because the snow bank is too high.)

So, on top of the two feet or whatever of snow we got dumped on us, the temperature is currently -2, with wind chills in the -20 to -30 range. Hurray for the best timed storm ever, which came in the evening after I landed and hit hard enough to give me two extra days of vacation since my school (and basically everything else in the area) is closed.

Meanwhile, I'm spending as much time as possible curled up in a chair with Wednesday and a large pile of new manga and doujinshi.

welcome home snuggles

Shopping orgy '13 report(s) to follow, eventually.


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