Oct. 21st, 2014

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Now that that's out of my system...I don't like that I'm feeling so crabby and stressed-out lately. (Stress is partly financial, partly health, partly crap at work--and I don't mean the tape-and-scissor thief.) Friday is a "break day" (students and faculty get the day off), so I've decided to use a vacation day and have a three day weekend. Maybe I will work on some manga reviews, or putting doujinshi/special booklets in my database. Or maybe I'll just sit around and veg with the cats. I'm hoping having an extra day off will help my disposition.

Too bad I don't live close enough to work that I could go home at lunch and have a kitty snuggle. Here's my virtual kitty snuggle instead:

virtual kitty snuggle

I was reading about a journal project where you take a picture every day and then write a little bit about it. It was supposed to be printed out pictures in an actual book, but I'm thinking posting it here will work just as well. I think it would be fun, and maybe give my mind something positive to focus on. Need to focus on the positive. Can't let dealing with crabby people make me crabby, too. Today I will think about Wednesday's soft, warm belly fur and try to be less crabby.


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