Oct. 22nd, 2014

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Okay, here we go. First, let's establish some rules and things:

1. So I'll have the whole day to look for photo subjects and choose what picture I like best, pictures will be posted the following day.
2. No cats! You guys, I take so many cat pictures. I don't need an excuse to take more. However, I may post a bonus VKS (virtual kitty snuggle) in the comments, so those of you who like cat pictures can enjoy those as well. These will not necessarily be from the previous day.
3. I may go longer than 30 days because I want an excuse to include Thanksgiving dinner at the end, haha. We'll see if I can keep finding stuff to take pictures of.
4. This is an exercise in positive thinking, so I will avoid piles of papers on my desk, the spot where the (still missing!) tape should be, and other things that make me feel crabby.
5. I'm not going to bother with cuts (I don't foresee these being NSFW), so if you feel the need, filter my journal accordingly.

Sadly, we're starting with a bit of a blurry subject:

woolly bear

Tiniest woolly bear! When I go for walks, I rescue woolly bears crossing the road, because smashed woolly bears make me really sad. Yesterday, I picked up this tiny little guy. (If you've never seen a woolly bear, they're usually 2-3 times bigger than this.) Funny thing: I thought I took several pictures, and got one in good focus, but there's only one picture on my phone. Maybe the good picture was in my imagination. Hopefully this project will improve my photography skills!

ETA: woolly bear comparison shot (now with actual focus)!

woolly bear


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