Nov. 19th, 2014

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button caps
I took this picture because I liked the little snow caps on the bushes, but considering how much snow we got since Monday, it just makes me laugh now.

snow day
This is our yard after we got a foot of snow dumped on us. (It snowed more overnight, too.) Well, we're not Buffalo, I guess, but it still seems like a LOT of snow for November 18th. Our school had a snow day (yay!) and Dad and I went cross country skiing. It wasn't great (the ground isn't frozen yet, so the snow is pretty sticky at the bottom), but it was better than the last time we tried to go this early--that was on just a couple inches of snow, I think, and we turned back because it was so sticky.

Funny thing: I tried to take a couple more pictures of our yard when coming back from skiing, but I couldn't because my phone got too cold. Apparently Apple only has one error message for extreme temperatures, though, because it told me my phone was too HOT and needed to cool down. What, you want me to go stick it in the freezer or something?


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