Jul. 7th, 2015

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I am obsessed with planning for Comiket. For the first time in several Comikets, I am super interested in fandom doujinshi, so of course the Comiket gods decided to smite me by putting everything I care about on the same day. This Comiket is going to require military precision planning. Thank goodness I have awesome friends and we're going together because if I were on my own I'd just give up and curl in a ball in the corner and cry.

Anyway...this weekend I was going through the original BL section of the Comiket catalog to make sure I hadn't missed anything and came across this picture that made me go "WAIT WHAT IS THIS I NEED IT." I decided to flag that circle and a few others that looked interesting and check out their published works. [Advanced level shopping: buying stuff to decide whether I need to buy more stuff.] This is a backwards way to find new manga, but whatever. Let's do this:

backwards reviews )


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