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Photo-a-day: Day 4

yard leaves

I don't mean for this to be "30 days of fall colors," but, well, I am very fond of fall colors. I think my favorite part of this is the mums you can see way in the background. Runners-up for the day were some pictures I took during prep of a butternut squash soup. The soup was very yummy, but the pictures were just okay.

I also added a comparison shot of a normal woolly bear to my Day 1 post.


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Monique and Wednesday, enjoying the fire. The footstool Monique is on is really more of a step for cats (to help them get onto the couch) than a footstool for the humans. I didn't see it happen, but my guess is that Monique got onto the footstool wanting to lie on the couch, but since Wednesday was already there, gave up and just decided to sleep on the footstool.
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I am sad the kitties won't share, but I think the catstool goes nicely with Monique's fur. Maybe she made a fashion choice.

What angle were you at for the leaf photo? It looks like you're on the ground.


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Ha, are you kidding? For these cats, this IS sharing. I think if Wednesday had known Monique was that close, she would have run away.

What angle were you at for the leaf photo? It looks like you're on the ground.

Basically. I think I was squatting and holding the phone just a bit away from touching the grass.

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You have such a good eye for photo composition! Are you using your iphone, or your camera?

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Thanks! Most of my pictures don't come out like I imagine they will in my head (this one did!), but it's fun to push myself to try more.

These are all taken with my phone--I honestly don't even remember the last time I turned my camera on.

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I love fall colos, too, but i always forget that green is a fall color!