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Photo-a-day: Day 5

(...when you spend all day watching anime, the pictures you take might not be that interesting)

Workout jackets! Old, current, and new (maybe--I ordered two with the intention of only keeping the one I like best, but the other one isn't here yet. The other one is the same color, but fleecy on the inside, and has a hood and thumb holes in the sleeves). The pink one on the left is a couple of years old, and is kind of hilariously big on me now; to be honest I thought I'd gotten rid of it, but I was looking for something to wear last night because the orange one was wet (from being washed). I actually like the orange one I'm using now, but since I've discovered the magic of the odorless merino wool, I can no longer stand how smelly it gets after being worn even once, hence the new (very expensive!) one. I have my eye on a bunch of other wool stuff, too, just waiting for my November budget. How have I lived this long without merino wool in my life??

The problem with workout clothes this time of year is that I have to choose between short sleeves and a shirt with a jacket over it. Because I have long-sleeved shirts, but they don't have pockets, and I need a pocket to put my phone in. Okay, I do have an armband, but I really hate using it, and anyway it slips around like crazy when it's over a sleeve. So I need pockets. It's hard, being a slave to technology, but my phone tracks speed, distance, and (when I'm doing intervals) tells me when to walk and when to run. I wonder if the Apple Watch will be able to live without its phone partner for long enough to solve this problem? Because that would make it super sexy to me.

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