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Photo-a-day: Day 8


Kangaroo hoodie!

Let me share the hilarious story behind this sweatshirt. My parents were two weeks into their three week Australia vacation when I suddenly decided I needed a hoodie from Australia and/or Sydney. I immediately texted my mom and...if you don't have an iPhone, let me tell you that when you text someone else with an iPhone (or iPad), it tells you when the message is delivered/read. So I noticed that my text to my mom wasn't marked "delivered." After a while I realized that they must not have any signal on their cruise, so I had to wait. A few days later, I got a text from my mom and I immediately texted her back, but nothing. A couple days before they got back, I was looking up when their flight left and trying to work out when they would be back in civilization, but still didn't hear from them until they were at the airport. (I guess they went straight from the ship to the airport?) So I'm texting them like, "Nice to hear from you, glad you enjoyed the cruise DID YOU GET MY TEXTS I NEED A HOODIE." (When I get fixated on an idea...) My mom and I texted each other back several times while they were at the airport, but at no time did my mom say, "Sure, we'll look for a sweatshirt." I know my parents well enough to expect that they would look, but still. Anyway, the above is what I ended up with, because my parents are the best (they did not at all make fun of me for my desperate pleas for a freaking sweatshirt). It is super soft on the inside, and my dad said he was going to keep it if I didn't like it. (No way!)

My Awesome Night

9:25pm - Get ready to leave for airport to pick up parents. Car door won't unlock. Huh? Think the remote is dead, unlock door with key (how quaint). No lights come on when I open the door. Realize car battery is dead.

9:30pm - Frantically search garage and basement for jumper cables. No luck. Call neighbor to borrow jumper cables, she lends me her car instead (best decision).

9:35pm - Drive neighbor's ginormous SVU to airport. This car is like three times the size of my car, ugh.

10:15pm - pick up parents (plus other couple they are with, reason for needing large vehicle) from airport, no problems.

11:15pm - Jumper cables, are, ironically, in Dad's car, under the false bottom of the trunk. (What do you call those?) We spend at least 15 minutes trying to figure out how to pry this up (can't open back end of car because it doesn't have a key hole), end up doing it with a crowbar, then suddenly realize it can be lifted from the other end. We are morons but it's dark and late.

11:40pm - Finally get jumper cables hooked up, try starting car. Nothing. Decide to let other car run for a while in hopes it will give some juice to dead battery.

11:55pm - Battery still completely dead. Hook up battery charger to leave running all night. Finally go to bed.

(Before you feel too sorry for me, please remember that my dad just traveled FROM AUSTRALIA, maybe 30 hours.)

This morning, we are a one-car family. (My car is still in the shop, hopefully to be picked up today.) Dad had to get up and drive me to work (I think it will surprise no one that the dead battery didn't charge. When you can't jump start a battery, it's REALLY dead.), and then drive an hour away to his aunt's funeral. Poor Dad was so tired I actually had to wake him up at 6:30 (pretty sure it's the first time in my life I've woken my dad up when it wasn't Christmas morning). I guess I should have woken him earlier (I ended up being about a half hour late to work), but I'm not sorry I let him sleep a little longer. Hopefully he can get a good night's sleep tonight.

Unrelated things:

- License plate seen on red Mini Cooper this morning: MINITOR. (Shouldn't that be Minitaur? Oh, I guess that's probably too long.)

- Recently learned lesson: check US iTunes before buying songs on Japanese iTunes, because cost is $1.29 vs. ¥250 and you never know what's on US iTunes.


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Image (

Kitties love warm spots! And sometimes, kitties are willing to share ( warms spots with humans who join them.


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I can never again be happy seeing that footstool without Monique on it.

Cute hoodie!

My Awesome Night

I sense sarcasm. (I am a genius like that.) I'm sorry your father had to come straight home to a funeral, though.

What did you buy in Japan that was available in the US? Also, I wish I had adopted iTunes when songs were 99 cents. Though I guess the difference between my income then and now actually makes them proportionally the same expense. ([ profile] mangaroo gets lost in a math spiral.)


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Would it make you feel better to know that Monique was in a chair ( just to the right of this picture?

I'm sorry your father had to come straight home to a funeral, though.

Yes, but on the other hand, it's good he didn't have to miss it. He told me this morning that he would have felt awful about that.

What did you buy in Japan that was available in the US?

Oh, I didn't. I don't have any credit left with iTunes Japan, and because of that, I figured I would check US iTunes just for the heck of it. Nice find! Anyway, it was one of the Magi openings, of course. Funny thing: the opening by Sid (never heard of them) was on US iTunes, but not the one by Porno Graffitti. (Shut up, spellcheck, that's how they spell it.)

You can still find some songs on iTunes for 99 cents (or even 69 cents). They're just not as common.


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Would it make you feel better to know that Monique was in a chair just to the right of this picture?

Yes. Yes, it does. Such a pretty kitty!

Spellcheck is autocorrect's less-evil minion.

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THat is an awesome hoodie!