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Photo-a-day: Day 10


Continuing with the Australia souvenirs (with a thematically appropriate prop for the holiday--and yes, he is still sitting on this pumpkin with the rest of the Halloween decorations).

Confession: the other day (while whining about the hoodie situation) I told [ profile] mangaroo that my parents aren't very good at guessing what sort of souvenirs to bring back for me. This is mostly true, but then sometimes they get stuff that is perfect. (And I really do believe it's the thought that counts, so I hope I'm gracious about presents they get me.) I think this koala is adorable, and really love the pearl necklace my mom picked out, so between these and the awesome hoodie, I'm pretty sure I'm never allowed to say anything bad about their souvenir-picking abilities again.


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Image (

Toe beans!


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Such adorable toes! But your camera is starting to scare me a bit. I think it might have a telescope or a microscope or something built in.

(Eee, koala!)


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I forget, are you still on 4S? I was really blown away by the difference in the cameras when I upgraded from 4 to 5S.

I actually do have a microscope I can use for my camera (link (, but I haven't used it yet for this project.


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Yes, still on the 4s. I'll look forward to the awesome camera when I get around to upgrading someday.

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I think my parents would enjoy visiting Australia. Unfortunately, my dad doesn't like long flights, so it's not likely they'll ever go.

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my dad doesn't like long flights

Well, who does?

If it makes any difference, it's not significantly longer than flying to Japan. For my parents, it was 14 hours from LA (vs. 12 hours to Japan from Detroit).