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Photo-a-day: Days 11, 12, 13

These were actually taken on the correct days, I just forgot to post over the weekend. Also, I might be running out of ideas for interesting pictures.

star lights
This is a crappy picture (taken as the bus was pulling away from me as the red light turned green), but...this bus has star tail lights! Cutest bus!

A small sampling of the gluttony from [ profile] mereflair's Halloween party Saturday. (Not shown: pizza, tacos, fries, pop, etc.) Other than eating a lot, we played Mario Kart (I was good at this game like 3 platforms ago...) and Typing of the Dead: Overkill, which is kind of hilariously bad (or good?), and which I am way better at than normal shooting games because I can type. However, I'm better at complete sentences than single random words, so I still kinda sucked at it.

try, try again
I've been trying to get a good picture of this gorgeous Japanese maple for a while now, but I kept missing out on good daylight, and now that most of the leaves are gone, I guess I've lost my chance until next year. Oh well, it's still kinda pretty.

(Incidentally, this was taken yesterday on my bike ride, and it was kind of a pain to stop and take pictures because I had so many dang layers of gloves. BUT my hands were nice and warm, even at 40F.)


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Image (
Wednesday, hoping that I'll feed her if she stares at me long enough.

(Doesn't she look sad? She's SO hungry, you guys.)


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I love this picture! It's just begging to be macro'd. Look at those eyes. You know her expressions best, so I'll take your word for it that's her sad face. To me, she looks like her human has just done something unbelievably stupid and she's giving you "are you kidding me?" attitude.

Now, back to the food: what's in the little individual serving cups? AND WHERE DID MERE GET THEM? I mean, I have environmentally responsible reusable dressing containers to cart my hummus, but I still want disposable ones so I can make a bunch of stuff that I'm only supposed to eat 2T at a time and immediately portion it and I have needs and where did she get them?


Hee. Kitty eyes.


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The cups are jello shots and pudding shots. I avoid gelatin when possible, so I didn't eat those, but the pudding shots were amazing. I'll have to ask Meredith about the cups, but my best guess would be Gordon Food Service. (Do you have those in CA?)

The thumb holes on that jacket, by the way, are really awesome and comfy. I have a Cuddl Duds shirt that has thumb holes, but the sleeves are too short or something, so they pull on your thumbs in an annoying way.


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We don't have Gordon's in California, and searching for restaurant supplies that deal in non-wholesale was depressing me, then Amazon came to my rescue. I just never knew to search for these by "jello shot" ('cause I am so pure and innocent).


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Glad you found them! I feel like there must be some sort of GFS equivalent outside the midwest, but I guess I have no idea how to go about finding it.


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I feel like there must be some sort of GFS equivalent outside the midwest, but I guess I have no idea how to go about finding it.

I have a Smart and Final in my town, which would probably carry those little cups, but the nearest one to [ profile] mangaroo is in Oakland.


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Yes! That looks exactly like GFS. For just one product, though, I'm sure it's more convenient to just order them online.


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Awesome! One of the Oakland stores is just a couple of blocks from a BART stop that is not inconvenient for my Sunday walk around the lake. (Not the "S&F Extra" outlet, alas.) I'll have to check it out this weekend. Shopping! Thank you.

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Oh man, that feast picture makes me SO hungry. I had been going through a long phase of really not being that hungry at all (why? I have no idea?), and recently it has sadly passed, and now all I can think about is how much I want to go to Five Guys after the next monthly weigh-in. I hope you enjoyed every bite!

Wednesday's PITY ME eyes are hilarious and adorable. My cats yowl in impotent fury when hungry, which is less cute.

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I definitely enjoyed the Halloween feast. I can't remember when a Pizza Hut pizza has ever tasted so good. Hoping you have a good weigh-in and enjoy Five Guys!

Wednesday's PITY ME eyes are hilarious and adorable.

It's a special face, reserved for those times when 9:00 dinner is not served promptly at 9:00. She also has a super-cute meow, not a furious yowl, so I don't even mind that. (Unless she's doing it at 6:00am on Saturday because her food bowl is "empty.")

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I lovt the bus window! It looks like nebula or glowing stardust!!

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Doesn't it? It looks like they're shooting a music video inside the bus.

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It does!!

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Ha! I was so focused on the tail lights I didn't even notice that! But you're right, it does look like there's a nebula in the bus.