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Photo-a-day: Day 14

leaf cleanup
Cleaning up leaves on our campus is Serious Business. I wish I had gotten some of the leaf blowers in this picture, too. Have you ever seen a thing that's like a golf cart, but has a giant fan on one side? Yeah, our school has one of those. (It's not the cart you can see in this picture.)


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Come back to bed!

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Holy cow! It's like an autumn leafdrift. You live on an alien planet.

What do the signs ($1M monopoly money for the 300th fan) refer to?

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I should try to remember to get a picture of how many huge old oak trees we have on the quad. The amount of leaves makes more sense then.

To be honest, I'm not sure what that sign is about! The other signs are for the United Way campaign, so it may be related...?