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Photo-a-day: Day 15

happy november
This turkey has so many problems. Why the fancy wings but plain tail? I'm contemplating adding one of those turkeys made by tracing your hand. (That's about the extent of my drawing skills.)


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Image (
"This is my bag now. You can't have it."
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Such a big kitty. Is she heavy to pick up? (Also, humans are strange. They give you bags, then they take them away. What's that about?)

Is the whiteboard in your office? Does it get thematically re-illustrated every month?


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She weighs ~15 lbs, so...yes? More importantly, she feels SUPER heavy when she's on your lap. And she's so long you really need to have your feet up for her to sit on your lap, because she won't fit otherwise. She stretches out to basically the entire length of human legs.

The whiteboard is in our former break room (now "teaching commons"--kind of a long story). It's actually a wall painted with whiteboard paint, and doesn't often have anything interesting on it. But we've only had it for about two months, so maybe that's changing.


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I love how you say "your lap" when you would drown anyone who tried to seduce her away from YOUR lap. I want a fat lap kitty.


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She does actually sit on my mom's lap sometimes. This is acceptable as long as I'm not home.