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Photo-a-day: Day 16


Today's photo is really a review. Because why not? I'm making the rules here.

Ame to Kiss - Akihira Shiro (sweh!)
Maeda Taiki is an insecure, (supposedly) plain-looking boy who works in a clothing store ("10 Inch Frog"). He has a HUGE crush on Yagii Haruhisa, who works for the company that runs the mall. And they are So. Freaking. Adorable. Together. Unfortunately, the main conflict stems from Maeda's insecurity (and inexperience with relationships), so he can't see how totally crazy about him Yagii is. This leads to a sort-of-fight that I can see being frustrating for people who don't like conflict to come from miscommunication. (Even I am like, "Dude, if your boyfriend says 'We need to talk,' you should probably talk, rather than assuming he wants to break up with you and never answering his calls or texts.) Anyway...YMMV, but I think the adorableness of the rest totally makes up for it. I almost died when I saw the New Years picture (above). The others are clearly selfies, but who's taking a picture of them making a heart with their hands?? "Hey, random person, we are totally not a couple, but would you please take a picture of us?" I'm guessing Maeda is too oblivious to realize how obvious they are and Yagii just doesn't care. He'd probably wear a T-shirt that said "Check out my adorable boyfriend! You can't have him."

If you pick this up, don't miss out on the gags under the cover. Yagii is a squirrel, haha! These guys are Too. Adorable.


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Image (
Kitty hammock! Ostensibly, this is a sweater drying rack. But whenever we try to use it for that, the cats want to sleep in it. And of course, I never have the heart to kick them off of my (just washed and momentarily free of cat hair) sweaters. They don't care about it when there's no sweater on it, of course.
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Oh, that looks SO adorable. The cover! (And, a plus, I'm usually pretty tolerant of that particular style of relationship conflict, though it is always nice to have a warning.) Clearly there needs to be another Amazon order soon.

(What in the world is in the background of the selfie on the lower left?)

LOL at the wanton contamination of freshly washed sweaters in the VKS. The laundry basket full of freshly washed clothes is the BEST.

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What in the world is in the background of the selfie on the lower left?

Pretty sure it's the Glico sign (

The laundry basket full of freshly washed clothes is the BEST.

Luckily for me, Wednesday is no longer agile enough to jump into a laundry basket. (Or, possibly, I traumatized her when she was younger by carrying her around in one and now she has no desire to go in on her own.) However, folding clothes on the floor can be hazardous.

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ETA: aww, I just noticed it's out of stock at Amazon. (But you know, you can order it at Mangaoh or Comi Comi and get the paper.)
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Is the paper a sketch or a comic?

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It's a comic. I would never advise somebody to get a paper when it's just a sketch. However, I'm happy to scan mine if anybody doesn't want to bother getting their own. (I think I still need to do Kuroneko ones anyway, right?)