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Photo-a-day: Day 17

computer cats
Ha, wait, does this break my cat rule? Oh well, I didn't actually take it yesterday, either, so whatever. (I forgot to take any pictures yesterday! Oops.) Anyway: I like to cute up my desk at work; these cats live on top of my computer. I get lots of compliments on them from students who come into the office.


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fluffy belly

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(When Wednesday is really zonked out, she'll allow belly petting, which is what happened between these pictures.)

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Kitties on computer: adorable!

In a fit of decluttering, I gave all my tower-of-cats magnets to the daughter of a family friend. I was afraid I would never find a place to display them otherwise (and my current brood would just knock them all under the refrigerator anyway). But now I really wish I had kept some. Computer parade!

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The parade is actually non-magnetic. The couple magnetic cats I have (and the Disney plushies with magnetic arms and legs) are stuck to my (metal) desk in random places. I move them around when I get bored. (Or sometimes other people move them for me, and I find them like this ( The cat parade always stays where it is. I've even been asked if they're stuck on.

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Their orderliness does seem to give lie to "like herding cats." Gluing cats is wrong, woman! (Hee, I love the plushy as sign holder.)

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After break was over, I changed the sign to "Welcome back!" But nobody noticed either sign as far as I could tell. Maybe I should just put random signs up and see if anybody ever notices.

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Where did you get these? OMG I want some!! :) Sooooo cute!

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Japan, of course. :) It was a few years ago, but I found some on Amazon (here ( that Amazon will ship them to the U.S., mind, but that's what they are, anyway.

ETA: here's a picture of the packaging:ใŠใ‚‚ใกใ‚ƒ/
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Of course they are from Japan :) LOL Yes they do seem to have the market cornered on cute <3 Thanks for the link!