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Photo-a-day: Day 19

sock army?
114 pairs of socks and 22 pairs of tights

Let me explain: You can kinda see a chest at the end of my bed in this picture; I use it to store spare sheets, off-season clothes, and the like. Yesterday I decided to clean it out because it's been getting too full. As I started pulling everything out and separating it by type, I realized I had a problem, because the sock pile looked like THIS. Mind you, these do not include my daily wear socks. (My sock drawer has another 65 pairs of socks. I counted.) Clearly, I have a sock problem. I knew I loved socks, but I never realized it was this bad.

I sorted them all out so I could determine what I was actually going to keep and what I was going to get rid of. I only put summer socks back into the chest (plus a few extra-thick socks for skiing and whatnot), and otherwise kept only what would fit back into my sock drawer. (Basically getting rid of a small garbage bag of socks.) Hopefully I've learned my lesson and won't let things get out of control again.


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Wednesday, of course, blissfully slept through all the sock-sorting.


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She is made by nature to sleep in the cutest poses imaginable.

For the socks, I'm just speechless. (I have maybe 15 pairs of socks. I wear mine out with excessive shoe friction. I could never even buy super-cute socks with sheep on them because I know they would wear out and make me sad.)


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She is made by nature to sleep in the cutest poses imaginable.

It's true.

I'm pretty sure wearing out socks is normal. And, to be honest, part of my problem is that I would wear out socks and then not get rid of them because they were so cute and I loved them so much. But since they were worn out, I wouldn't wear them. Ugh, so stupid. I hope I can get past this now. I did save one pair of socks with a hole in them (the awesome soft wool ones I got in Japan last year) because I'm going to (*gasp*) attempt to darn them. Can't hurt to try, right?

I'm curious to see how the Darn Tough socks do for you. Will they really not wear out? (Speaking of Darn Tough, I got several different thicknesses when I ordered, and when I put the "cushion" ones on, I immediately went online and ordered a pair of "full cushion" [even though the selection on those is limited and they're not as cute] because OMG. They are so soft and so nice, but I'm sad that the top part is thin. I want the awesome cushiony softness all the way around my feet.)


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The Darn Tough socks certainly FEEL like they'll never wear out, but...I'm sad to say that the three fun styles I purchased were all "light cushioning," which by Smart Wool standards apparently means NO cushioning. Not comfy. I did get one "cushion" (not light) pair that is more like the cushiony comfort I get from Smart Wool, but you're right: the cushioned selection is less cute.


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Yeah, "light cushion" isn't really cushiony at all. However, they are warmer (and softer) than the "ultra light" style, which I also have. (Those are good for warm weather workouts, though, so I'm not sorry I have them.)

The "cushion" selection isn't great, but I still think the ones I got (these ( are cute and stripey, and I would be happy with pretty much any of those colors if I liked the sock otherwise. But I'm pretty sure I'm going to like "full cushion" best, and that's the selection I'm complaining about. There's exactly one kind (, and it comes in three colors. That's a pretty tiny selection.

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LOL! But... so many pretty colors and styles! I can see why you would have a hard time deciding which ones to keep.

I love Wednesday blissfully sleeping through the sock-sorting. My cats attack my laundry when I'm trying to fold it, which frankly puzzles me. Why are folded underpants threatening? (And it makes making the bed really difficult. Bedmaking is a clear invitation to WAR.)

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I can see why you would have a hard time deciding which ones to keep.

It doesn't make sense to keep them when I don't wear them, though! And most of them weren't even in good enough shape to give away. They just went in the trash. I can't believe how much room is in my chest now, haha.

Choco used to attack shoes (which I always found funny: she was so Japanese she knew instinctively that shoes were not allowed in the house), and, for some reason, brushes. The vacuum cleaner brush was her #2 enemy (after Wednesday).

Wednesday's favorite game used to be Make the Bed (she would lie on the bed, we would attempt to put on sheets, she would attack them from underneath), but I think she's gotten too old and lazy now. When I tried to play Make the Bed on Saturday she just got angry and thumped her tail. Then I put the comforter on and she left in disgust.

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I have an entire dresser drawer crammed full of socks that I never wear anymore. I get a practically infinite supply of black socks from work for free, since that's all I'm allowed to wear on duty, so I hardly bother with much else unless I'm dressing up for some special event.

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Your job is pretty awesome, but I would really hate having to wear a uniform every day.

Still, seems like all the more reason to get rid of any excess. No point in keeping it if you never use it.