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Photo-a-day: Days 22 and 23

Still working on getting an awesome sunrise picture. This isn't spectacular, but I like the view down the main street of our (tiny) campus. The building I work in is on the right.

word wall
I had a (two hour, ugh) meeting in the new building on campus yesterday, and took this picture of the art wall that makes up a big part of it. I read a little info card about the art project (involving college students telling stories and then putting their words into a non-linear format), but I can't remember the title. (Why didn't I just take a picture of the card?) Anyway, the wall is really cool in person, though I think the lighting doesn't make for a great picture.


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Warm socks, cozy pajamas, purring kitty. I need these things in my life more often.


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How does the kitty-sleeping start? Do you settle into the couch first and then she decides to join you, or is she already snoozing when you plop down?


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Wednesday's normal sleeping spot is a chair on the other side of the room. Last year we moved this couch in front of the fireplace (we did this to make room for the Christmas tree, but we liked the arrangement so much we left it that way after we took the tree down) and I adopted it as my place to sit. So naturally I started moving Wednesday from her chair to sit with me on the couch. So the answer is: sometimes I move her, sometimes she's already there, and sometimes she joins me on her own. Her chair is still her favorite spot to sleep during the day, so if she leaves her chair to come and sit with me, I feel really loved. That's what happened the day I took the above picture.