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Photo-a-day: Days 24-27

Snow! It's not unusual to get snow this time of year. It IS unusual to get 6", which is what we got at home. (That's what you get, being only 25 miles away from Lake Michigan [vs. ~50 where I work].) And we're supposed to get hit really hard tonight, too. Whee~

sunrise 2
More sunrise picture attempts. (Yes, this is through my windshield. I was at a red light--I'm not completely crazy.)

more snow
Our snow at home. As this was taken Saturday, it's a little melted/compacted compared to right after it fell. We're still getting used to the view of the stream through the snow.

Sadly, I didn't take a single non-cat picture yesterday, so here's a bonus picture form Saturday instead:

Yes, I will totally gnaw at this pineapple core like a dog with a bone. Pineapple is that delicious.

...What with all this snow and cold (yesterday was a heatwave at 35F), I've decided that my lightweight wool base layer isn't cutting it and have ordered a warmer set. What I have now is Ibex, 150g. I love them to death, but Ibex's heavier liners are 220g, while Smartwool is 250g, so I was planning on trying out Smartwool. Then I happened to check Icebreaker, and their heavier liners are 260g, so I totally went with that. The warmer the better, I figure.

Here is something awesome: yesterday, I was wearing my wool liners while running. Today, I am wearing them at work. I did not need to wash them in between; they don't smell at all. Wool is officially the best thing ever.


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Image (
Folding laundry is so exhausting, ugh.


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Weird...I switched to hiragana to type "yuki!" and LJ ate my comment. Twice. Oh, well, here are the highlights:

I will never not be in love with curly-paw sleeping.
雪!(typed in notepad and pasted here)
Your windshield is so clean!
Do your parents like the water feature in snow?
Pineapple *is* that yummy, but it also makes my lips sting, so I don't think I could gnaw on the core.
Wool - sheep swear by it.


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I try to clean my windshield whenever I get gas. It drives me nuts when I'm driving someone else's car and the windshield is filthy (I'm looking at you, Dad).

We actually had the water feature off for a while, but my aunt and uncle are stopping by our house on the way to Thanksgiving (they're coming from Maryland), and I guess my mom thinks they would like to see it because they're thinking of doing one. If we have this much snow, though, it's not like they'll be able to see it. Anyway, we'll be turning it back off after they leave. I guess it doesn't hurt anything for it to be on (though I imagine eventually the water would freeze), but it's not like we can sit out on the deck and enjoy it or anything, so there's not a lot of point to leaving it on this time of year.

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Wow, real snow! This is why I'm glad I don't live in Michigan: I am not ready for 6 in of snow yet. Not that we haven't had that much snow in CT in November (or even October), on occasion.

Good for you for keeping up with the outdoor exercise even in all the cold.

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It's definitely unusual even for us this time of year. (Not so unusual farther north, though.)

Good for you for keeping up with the outdoor exercise even in all the cold.

Not to get on my soapbox or anything, but I think part the reason a lot of people hate winter so much is because they feel cooped up inside, and getting out to exercise can make a big difference. (And I'm not talking about shoveling, unless you're crazy like my dad and actually LIKE shoveling. I hope I can learn to like shoveling in February when it will be my job to shovel because my parents will be in Hawaii.) There's a lot of beauty in winter, if you actually get outside to see it. It is a big investment, though, to get the right gear to keep warm.

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I like shoveling snow. It's lovely to be outside and you can take breaks to enjoy it. Besides, it's rewarding to see your own progress if you stop and look behind you.

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My problem is that I'll have to shovel at like 5:00am in order to leave for work on time. (AND it's likely the plow will come by and throw a bunch of snow back in our driveway, but I won't have time to clean it up before I leave.) If I could get up and shovel whenever, I probably wouldn't mind.

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Oh yeah, necessary deadline shoveling is a completely different thing! Good luck!