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Photo-a-day: Days 24-27

Snow! It's not unusual to get snow this time of year. It IS unusual to get 6", which is what we got at home. (That's what you get, being only 25 miles away from Lake Michigan [vs. ~50 where I work].) And we're supposed to get hit really hard tonight, too. Whee~

sunrise 2
More sunrise picture attempts. (Yes, this is through my windshield. I was at a red light--I'm not completely crazy.)

more snow
Our snow at home. As this was taken Saturday, it's a little melted/compacted compared to right after it fell. We're still getting used to the view of the stream through the snow.

Sadly, I didn't take a single non-cat picture yesterday, so here's a bonus picture form Saturday instead:

Yes, I will totally gnaw at this pineapple core like a dog with a bone. Pineapple is that delicious.

...What with all this snow and cold (yesterday was a heatwave at 35F), I've decided that my lightweight wool base layer isn't cutting it and have ordered a warmer set. What I have now is Ibex, 150g. I love them to death, but Ibex's heavier liners are 220g, while Smartwool is 250g, so I was planning on trying out Smartwool. Then I happened to check Icebreaker, and their heavier liners are 260g, so I totally went with that. The warmer the better, I figure.

Here is something awesome: yesterday, I was wearing my wool liners while running. Today, I am wearing them at work. I did not need to wash them in between; they don't smell at all. Wool is officially the best thing ever.

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