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*comiket intensifies*

I am obsessed with planning for Comiket. For the first time in several Comikets, I am super interested in fandom doujinshi, so of course the Comiket gods decided to smite me by putting everything I care about on the same day. This Comiket is going to require military precision planning. Thank goodness I have awesome friends and we're going together because if I were on my own I'd just give up and curl in a ball in the corner and cry.

Anyway...this weekend I was going through the original BL section of the Comiket catalog to make sure I hadn't missed anything and came across this picture that made me go "WAIT WHAT IS THIS I NEED IT." I decided to flag that circle and a few others that looked interesting and check out their published works. [Advanced level shopping: buying stuff to decide whether I need to buy more stuff.] This is a backwards way to find new manga, but whatever. Let's do this:

Ijiwaru Shinaide - Yoshio Akira
Katou is in love with his coworker Serizawa, but when he confesses and asks Serizawa to go out with him, the response he gets is "Gross, no way." This makes Katou cry (omg) which Serizawa finds unexpectedly adorable and immediately changes his mind. Serizawa teases, but is clearly crazy about Katou and his unexpected ways of showing it killed me dead (over and over). This may be a new pinnacle in the execution of tsundere characters. (Oh, Serizawa's face when he looks at Katou. Oh.)

Comiket verdict: I NEED doujinshi for this. I want more of this couple forever. (By the way, this was the catalog picture I saw and knew I needed. [link] Sometimes I have really good instincts.)

Hinekure Chaser | Motto Hinekure Chaser - Panko.
Hirokawa Hozumi is a rich kid who was going to a rich kid school, but transferred to a regular school to follow his crush, Yamato (who saved Hirokawa from a traumatic incident). Hirokawa is jealous to find that Yamato is always around his childhood friend, Misaki. Hirokawa takes to bullying (or "bullying") Misaki, both because he's jealous of Misaki and to get Yamato's attention. From there, things descend into a spiral of Hirokawa being a sad puppy hiding his feelings (but not doing a very good job), Yamato being confused about why he's so attracted to this sad puppy, and patient Misaki trying to get them together. Once they do get together, Yamato is patient and gentle boyfriend and Hirokawa is a complete idiot, but they are pretty darn cute. I felt the second volume left off kind of abruptly, so I hope this is continuing (but there was no author's note, so I'm not really sure).

Comiket verdict: I would like doujinshi for this, but I won't die if I don't get it. Probably. Also need to check out this, since she says she'll have doujinshi for both.

Mousou Oneroom - Umiyuki Lily
1. A man who has no job and has been living with his girlfriend in exchange for doing all the cooking and cleaning, finally gets dumped and goes to find an old friend (because he has nowhere else to stay), but it turns out that friend's brother is living in his apartment and is a popular ero mangaka. [He gets to stay because the assistants are hungry, um, and also because the mangaka is in love with him.] 2. Next door neighbor childhood friends love each other but are insecure about the other's feelings.

Comiket verdict: I think this art is super cute, and I kind of really like the childhood friends, but it's unclear what manga her new doujinshi would be for (the art in the catalog isn't any of these characters), so...wait and see, I guess. I might need to look at some of her other titles and see if there's anything I might care about. Otherwise, it's a pass.

Kyouju to Shitsuji no Shizuka na Seikatsu | 2 - Kanai Kei
Shiba Sougo's only living relative, his older brother, dies and leaves him a house, and a (pretty) butler, Yakumo Haruki. Sougo hates to be controlled and Haruki is terrible at showing emotions, so at first they don't get along at all, but gradually they open up to each other.

The first volume of this is just okay. In fact, the second half of it is a different story (about roommates who are in love with each other but hiding it), and I liked that better. But the second volume is soooooo cute. First of all, these guys are just goopy over each other. Second, Haruki shows way more personality. (his pouty face, hee! Also, line without context: "But master, it's an undeniable fact that your butt is very attractive!") Third, did I mention the goopiness? They ooze love and adoration. I'm sad that it's over and there's no sign of it continuing (it really seems like it could).

Comiket verdict: Probably? When I picked which manga to buy, I wasn't looking at when they were published, and this came out early last year, so it's unlikely Comiket doujinshi will be for this manga. (But apparently there's a special booklet I need to look for, because of course there is.) I think doujinshi is likely to be for this (since the author already put out one doujinshi for it at this year's J Garden), so I need to read this, too, I guess.

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Oh, thank you for going catalog-diving to find these. Definitely adding the Panco and Yoshio Akira books to my to-buy list (and Sara and I can figure out who gets to go to which at Comiket...yay, shopping!). Coincidentally, I just read Panco's Body Talk Paradox two days ago. (I am reading so much manga so quickly that time is warping.)

The "let's fall in love with a guy holding a kitten" picture came from the Kanai Kei book?

(By the way, this was the picture I saw and knew I needed. Sometimes I have really good instincts.)

And lastly, did you forget to link an image here? 'cause I assume you're referring to the circle cut?

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The "let's fall in love with a guy holding a kitten" picture came from the Kanai Kei book?


And lastly, did you forget to link an image here?

I didn't mean to link the image, but I guess I could. I was referring to the circle cut, but I just meant to explain that the original picture that made me stop and think I needed to check some new mangaka out was the one that turned out to be the best.

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Ahhhh! Just read the scanlation for the first volume of Kyouju to Shitsuji. Awesome! (No scanlation for vol. 2. So sad. Must cry myself to sleep now.) The roommates! The extras! The anniversary! The cosplay!

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The cosplay is so great! I'm sorry the roommates don't show up in volume 2...but then, most of it takes place in one day, so maybe it wouldn't have fit. I still kinda hope she continues it (and the roommates). Why isn't the doujinshi for this?? Gah.

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Did you read the book you think the doujinshi will be for? Was it not as good?

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I actually just read it last night and it's super cute (I'll have another review post soon, I think). So I am happy to be getting doujinshi for that (oh, I need to check and see if the J Garden one is still at Comi Comi), but...I want doujinshi for this one, too. I'm doujinshi greedy!

ETA: no longer at Comi Comi. There was a paper! Agh, my life is so hard. Why don't I know about everything when it matters? Well, hopefully any used copies will come with a paper. Can we go to Japan now? I'm ready to buy all the things.
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I might need to look at some of her other titles and see if there's anything I might care about.

If it helps, I own その時はただ心に触れて and have 純情書店 on my list as an Amazon rec.

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純情書店 looks super cute, but it's not available as an e-book, so I have to wait to get a paper copy if I want to read it.

Have you reviewed その時はただ心に触れて somewhere, or are you planning to?

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Have you reviewed その時はただ心に触れて somewhere, or are you planning to?

It seems I wasn't very impressed with it, so it may end up on the cull pile.

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Hmm, thanks for the link. It's so disappointing when you only like one story in a collection of shorts.

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That Ijiwaru Shinaide page is super cute!! Thanks for showing it to me!

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It is super cute! The whole thing is super cute!

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Hinekure Chaser | Motto Hinekure Chaser - Panko.

No get. :-( Sadface forever until August. They actually had another Panco (vols 1-2 of this), but I didn't get it because I am so obsessed with seeing more Hinekure. ONLY HINEKURE CAN MAKE ME HAPPY.

Edit: Also, they didn't have wolfie. But I'm 92% okay with that.
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Aww. Did you find anything good to get?

I'm probably going to end up getting that other series (because I can't resist a continuing story), so I'll let you know if it's any good.

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Did you find anything good to get?

Ijiwaru Shinaide
Eigyou Nika! by Kanai Kei.
A bunch of Ogawa Chise, because I'm so in love with her right now I really don't mind paying a premium. Or buying her again used in Japan if there are any papers to be found. Or marrying her.
Hot!aniki's story. (I had lost all reason at this point.)
Love and Baseball by Yamamoto Kotetsuko. (ACE OF DIAMOND. Okay, not really. But sportsball.)
A couple of Yamada Papiko books I was going to quickie based on scanlations, but now may not be worth the bother. You know her stuff?
Volume 2 of that VIP high school love drama by Narusaka Rin that I maybe'd in Quickies 4.
Volume 2 of Nirameba Koi by Yukue Moegi. (Unfortunately, only the first volume -- which I bought in Japan2013 -- has been scanlated.)
Gouin Sakka to Makeinu no Hatsukoi by Nekono Mariko. (I really need to read the two "Doujin" books before reading this. But...this is the only one partially scanlated. GAH. Why am I too stupid to learn to read Japanese?)
The Natsumizu Ritsu book with the teeny tiny boss, even though I don't understand why he's teeny tiny.
And then a stack of 5 "hey, these look pretty and I'm bleeding money here anyway" books, including one BBC by Unohana.

...ummm, you did say "list everything in excruciating detail," right?

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...ummm, you did say "list everything in excruciating detail," right?

That always goes without saying!

Why am I too stupid to learn to read Japanese?

You already know how to read Japanese. Sort of. Sort of is all we mortals get, because Japanese is hard. (And you are not too stupid to learn just a little more! Because that is also all we mortals can hope to do.)

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Wow, lots of stuff! Lots of good stuff!

You know her stuff?

Some of it? Let's see...I have 不器用だけど大好きさ, どうにもなんない相思相愛, 恋をひとくち, and とじこめたいっ!. I really like her art and characters, but I have yet to really love one of her books. (But I might need to reread the first two, because I don't remember them much.)

The Natsumizu Ritsu book with the teeny tiny boss, even though I don't understand why he's teeny tiny.

Because it's cute? I've been trying to figure out if I want to get that or not...I think most of it I have already (in the Inu mo series--I'm assuming this is a reprint of those, though I guess I don't know for sure?), so I'm not sure if it's worth getting.

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Love and Baseball by Yamamoto Kotetsuko.

This one is in my cull pile, if anyone wants to claim it.

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I already have it, so I guess it's up to Sara.

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I read the first chapter in scanlation and would be interested to read more. Was there a specific reason you rejected it? I'm still going back through reviews and have trouble keeping details in my head, so point me to the post if you reviewed it somewhere.

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review link (

Even if his boyfriend is a cheating jerk, I think trying to win someone away from his boyfriend is gross behavior, so this is never going to be a favorite for me. I didn't hate it, though.

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Ah, thank you, that explains a lot. I'd be willing to take it off the cull pile to see if I like it enough to overcome the plot concept. (And, to Amparo, thank you for the offer!)

I'm also kind of grossed out by the idea of trying to win someone away from another relationship, but then, cheater, so I guess I'll have to read it to see.

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I'm also kind of grossed out by the idea of trying to win someone away from another relationship, but then, cheater

Yeah, exactly. I would have been fine with it if he'd just tried to convince the guy to dump his boyfriend and THEN gone after him, but...oh well. Maybe that's not "romantic" enough.

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That's the thing that surprised me about Love and Baseball after Chuchun ga Chun and ...whatever Shiratori's story is titled. (I really liked Shiratori's story.) I mean, this little series seems to have a theme of old boyfriends/old wannabe boyfriends, but the other stories put the old relationships behind them first.

Love and Baseball is incompletely scanlated, and the scanlation leaves off at the point where Sakagou thinks Miya-chan is sleeping with [guy who will have his own story next, probably] for business. So I was all excited, thinking this was going to be a misunderstanding, like another Shiratori situation. And then he's around for the whooooole book. The whole book!

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Oh, and now you've made me add Fukurou-kun to Kare to my list. I hate you all.

(Thank you!)

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I see what you did there, but I'm still not going to remember the title. (He's even an owl. Like, how can I not remember this?)

Anyway, if you haven't read the scanlation, please know that it's a total moe thing on my part and I wouldn't expect anyone but me to like it better than Chuchun. If you have read the scanlation and still want it, yay!

I really want more Shiratori x Fukurou. Does she do doujinshi?

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I'm going to try to check it out in scanlation before Japan, but I didn't realize that all those titles were in a related universe. Now that I know they are, and since I like Chuchun and have it on the shelf already, I'm required by completionism to own them all, so.

My shopping list looks like Yamamoto Kotetsuko barfed on it, LOL. I already have so much of her stuff, and I was still missing this much.

(Me reading scanlations to decide which of her titles to add: "Oh, that was adorable." *adds* "That was so cute!" *adds* "Gah, scanlation not finished!" *adds* What does she release, like five books a year?)

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I didn't realize that all those titles were in a related universe

Well, sparrow and owl are. Chun and Ootaka even appear in Shiratori's story. I don't think we have birds OR cameos in Love and Baseball, so maybe it's not really connected? So it's a good thing you don't have to buy it.

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I'd be willing to take it off the cull pile to see if I like it enough to overcome the plot concept. (And, to Amparo, thank you for the offer!)

No problem!

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Ahaha, I just read the first chapter of Hinekure. That is outrageously twisted. I'm in... now I just have to convince myself that I can wait until Japan to look for it. Whoever gets a version with the paper, please scan and share!

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And the second chapter of Hinekure is scanlated. Oh, the feels! This is a terrible place to leave off. I think this may be the first book I buy. Also, I will need story time. (Part of me wishes I were going to be there earlier with you and Sara so I don't miss an story times, but I also hope you'll burn off some of your shopping before I get there so there's more time for story times!)

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That is indeed a cruel cliffhanger. But isn't the umbrella "bullying" the cutest? I love that part. (Misaki is so nice. I want there to be a spinoff so he can get a boyfriend, too.)

We will definitely have storytime! All the storytimes!!

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Misaki is so nice and definitely deserves his own awesome boyfriend! I love how sweet he is to transparent Hirokawa. But I was hiding under my covers when Hirokawa confessed his bullying to Yamato, clearly hoping for another kiss, and Yamato was so condescending and mean. (I thought he was an evil twin for a second, but he knew about Misaki and and the bullying, so no joy.) Just love Hirokawa already!

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Just love Hirokawa already!

Oh, I think he does. He just doesn't know it yet.