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doujinshi piles

I'm still recovering from jet lag and general vacation hangover, but I guess my brain is functioning enough to count things:

book piles

I bought:
317 doujinshi
21 special booklets
14 manga
6 CDs
2 DVDs
2 magazines
1 novel

Also, enough goods to build a shrine:

Midotaka shrine (home version)
(non-MidoTaka goods not pictured, but there are a lot of those, too)

I guess it will surprise nobody that I bought more MidoTaka doujinshi than any other pairing. (The two piles on the left in the first picture are ALL MidoTaka.) The breakdown goes like this:

MidoTaka - 147 (including the Ogeretsu collection that is only barely MidoTaka)
IwaOi - 52
KageHina - 33
BokuAka - 21 (2 are +KuroKen)
KuroKen - 13
Kinichi - 10
RinHaru - 5
IwaOi + KiseKasa (crossover) - 2
AsaNoya - 2
Gag/no pairing - 2 (1 is kind of DaiSuga?)
KiseKasa - 1
LevYaku - 1
FuruMiyu - 1
DaiSuga - 1
Original - 26

I am planning on doing a full trip report (with the exciting evolution of the MidoTaka shrine!!), but for now...back to reading doujinshi.

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Great pictures! Is that shrine going to stay up for a while, or are you going to have to clear it off to make space for other things?

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I actually cleared space for the shrine (and bought/installed that cork board), so it will be staying for the time being.

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The shrine is everything awesome. I love how the Midorima coin purse is looking at giant pillow Takao, plus how the mugs from Comiket give you a place to stage the drink-danglies. Also, ninjaball tag!

including the Ogeretsu collection that is only barely MidoTaka

Imagine how confused you would have been if you had purchased the second volume. You would have had to hold some kind of referendum: do I count one as Midotaka and one as AoKi or do they both have to be counted as AoKi (and why is Ogeretsu stabbing [ profile] mangaroo in the eye)?

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I hope I continue to add to the shrine. I'm thinking of printing out some fan art to add to the cork board. But first I need to clean up the crime scene in my room.

I hope I read the Ogeretsu collection I have and hate it so I won't regret not getting the other one.

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Wow, with the addition of fan art, the opportunity for expansion will be limitless. Except, you know, for teh boundaries of your room.

I hope I read the Ogeretsu collection I have and hate it

I hope you read it and hate it so it doesn't convert me to AoKi. It's hilarious: I am not particularly fond of Kise (except he's 80% nicer than the other miracles). It's just that Aomine's kind of hot post-spoiler. Still bored, but hot.

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Haha. I guess I should have clarified that I hope to get more goods to put on the flat surface. That will take more effort (and money) than filling up the cork board/wall.

I am not particularly fond of Kise

He's no Oikawa, that's for sure.

ETA: OH MY GOD. This ( is the Midorima coaster to match my Takao one?? No wonder I couldn't find it anywhere. It's the cutest thing ever.
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That is INSANELY cute. Like, none of the other coasters even comes close. Can you order it from the Amazon seller? Probably not. Yahoo Amazon?

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I think I can deputy it from Amazon via Goody. Which will be crazy expensive. But worth it. Because I have never seen anything so cute (that was official goods, not doujin-produced). And there's a strap version, which I also need.

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It looks like there were two versions of coasters and only the miracles got these super-cute versions? (Although the Midorima coaster that technically matches your Takao is also cute, just a wee bit less so.)

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I find it strange because the one you linked to matches in layout, but (to me), doesn't totally match because he's not wearing his uniform. So I will be getting the cuter uniform-wearing Midorima.

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317 doujinshi! You win! (My final count, which I haven't posted yet, was 278 doujinshi, including the 12 I bought for Joelle.)

That shrine is the awesomest thing that ever shrined. I hope you get to keep it up for a long, long time. I would be jealous, but if I built something like that, my cats would knock it all over.

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Oh, I didn't even think to include the ones I got for Meredith. But that was only five or six, I think.

Having a sedentary, non-jumping cat definitely has advantages sometimes.

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But if you count gifts for Meredith, doesn't that mean you win at pillows?

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...Does the Rei head count as a pillow? I wouldn't have counted it as a pillow.

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You may have already looked this up? With my awesome new Chillx2 skills, I have discovered that Shin-chan x Takao (well, their seiyuu) worked together on at least one BL drama cd based on a manga by Miyamoto Kano (so, not a resounding recommendation).
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so, not a resounding recommendation

Especially since there are two semes listed and only one uke. Gah. (Though it would be kind of hilarious if the other seme was a KuroBasu character....ANN says no. Oh well.)

Kinda cool that both of them do (or did?) BL drama CDs, though. Maybe they'll do a good one someday.

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300+ doujinshis OMGGGG how many kgs were they? XD

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Well, let me think. I had one suitcase just at the weight limit and one overweight, and I didn't do a final weigh of my carry-on, but I guess it was somewhere in between the two, so 23 + 32 + 28(?) = ~83kg. (LOL)

(for my own personal reference, that's 183 pounds, hahahahahahaaaaaa)

I keep buying doujinshi since I got home, too. It's a disease. doujinshitis.