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wednesday ([personal profile] wednesday_10_00) wrote2015-12-16 10:46 am

what is even going on right now

I have officially gone around the sports anime bend; I spend all my internet time on tumblr, and my tumblog is so ship-centric that tumblr regularly advertises me in the midotaka tag. I miss LJ comments, though. There's a group trying to make a sort of hybrid LJ/tumblr thing (basically, tumblr + communities, comments, and privacy settings for posts) and I think that would be super awesome. Of course, it only matters if people actually USE it.

Also I...wrote fanfic? I don't even know who I am anymore. (shipper trash)

I officially survived my first semester of grad school. (One down, five to go...) Is that what's going on, maybe? The only outlet for the pressure of being a student again is to write fanfic??

ETA: LJ has a character limit on tags?? Oh my god. I can't--I don't know how to post anymore.

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And it is only now, as you post with that icon, that I suddenly realize I have always had you flagged green in my friends list. It's like I knew.

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Hahaha, omg that's too perfect. Wait! How can we get orange in there? I'm going to have to make a dummy account, and you can flag it orange. Then every time I post something with this account, I will immediately make another post with the dummy account. Green and orange will always be together.

...That is definitely not way too complicated.

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I officially survived my first semester of grad school.

Congratulations on getting your first semester done! I've been hoping to hear progress reports from you on how that has been going.

From the rest of the post, I assume this means I should take the stack of GD manga that's been sitting at the ready next to my computer for 6 months and finally stick it back in the drawer.

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You know, I just never think about posting personal stuff to LJ. We should email more or something.

Aww, I feel bad because I completely forgot about the GD discussions. But yeah, since I'm not even caught up on the new BL manga I've ordered lately, it's probably safe to assume I'm not going to be rereading GD soon. The good thing is that my interests go in cycles, so I'll come back around to GD at some point.

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You know, I just never think about posting personal stuff to LJ.

Even just general impressions would be nice to hear. What's the most interesting thing you've learned? What have you found most challenging? Do you foresee anything noteworthy coming up in the near future?

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Tumblr is the literal worst for discussions/comments. I would love an alternative. Does this potential hybrid have a name?

Congrats on surviving! (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧ Enjoy all your semesters!

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Yeah, I love tumblr for a lot of things, but it's impossible to have any kind of discussion there. (Though I actually prefer the new non-nested reblogging style, which at least makes it less difficult to follow a conversation if it does happen.)

Anyway, the startup is PillowFort (; unless something has changed, they plan to launch a kickstarter in January and open up a beta in February.