wednesday_10_00: (neko atsume midorima)
wednesday ([personal profile] wednesday_10_00) wrote2015-12-16 10:46 am

what is even going on right now

I have officially gone around the sports anime bend; I spend all my internet time on tumblr, and my tumblog is so ship-centric that tumblr regularly advertises me in the midotaka tag. I miss LJ comments, though. There's a group trying to make a sort of hybrid LJ/tumblr thing (basically, tumblr + communities, comments, and privacy settings for posts) and I think that would be super awesome. Of course, it only matters if people actually USE it.

Also I...wrote fanfic? I don't even know who I am anymore. (shipper trash)

I officially survived my first semester of grad school. (One down, five to go...) Is that what's going on, maybe? The only outlet for the pressure of being a student again is to write fanfic??

ETA: LJ has a character limit on tags?? Oh my god. I can't--I don't know how to post anymore.

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