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This weekend I started my closet organization project. My parents are out of town, so I figured nobody was around to be annoyed by a big mess, so it would be easier if I basically pulled everything out of the closet to reorganize it all.

cut for mess )

Anybody out there need the Motto! Koori artbook? I seem to have two copies and I hate to throw one away. Maybe I should rip out pages and put them on my wall or something...
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The battery on my laptop is not charging. It works fine when plugged in, but I can't take it away from a power source. I did some google research, and I guess it's either a bum battery or bum connection to the battery. A new battery is ~$120. Not sure how much fixing the connection would be, but posts I saw on the topic suggested it's best to go with a flat "refurbish" rate, which means for ~$250, Apple will just replace any parts on the laptop (logic board, battery, etc) that need it.

However, my laptop is going on five years old, so I'm wondering if I should pay to have it fixed, or just replace it? I'm eyeing a refurbished MacBook Pro for $1200 that's looking pretty attractive right now.

The problem with either option is that my current "new computer fund" is a whopping $0.00. (I just knew that was going to bite me in the butt soon.) Either way I'm going to be stuck with my bum laptop for a while, so I guess I'll have some time to consider my options, but I'm curious what others would do in my position.
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Comment seen elsewhere: I can't believe a TV show made me that excited over someone drawing a clock.

This is extremely accurate.

Also, for posterity: this is my new favorite thing ever.

What a freaking emotional roller coaster:

"Yes, Will is drawing a clock for Alana!" :D

"Nooooo, Hannibal has a fake clock!" D:

"Will realizes he's being framed!" :D

"Agh, Jack thinks it's just a paranoid delusion!" D:

Veal is people, obviously, veal Abigail? Oh god, it was totally Abigail, wasn't it. D:

(Speaking of Abigail, did Will throw up the ear? Or did he throw up when he saw the ear in the sink? I need to watch that scene again. Because seriously, I know Hannibal is a murder wizard and all [I'm totally picturing him with a paint brush, painting blood under Will's fingernails], but COME ON.)

Another thing bugging me: the fishing lures - has Hannibal been saving body part bits to use in fishing lures, or has he been planting body part bits in fishing lures all along? We saw him tying a lure pretty early in the season, so I guess the latter, but...what if Will had noticed?

(...I want to be like FISHING LURES ARE PEOPLE, WHY, but to be honest after the episode where violins were people I don't think anything can surprise me anymore. It's more like, of course fishing lures are people, what else would they be?)

ETA: Yes, Will definitely threw up the ear. I like how Bryan Fuller was asked about how Hannibal would get the ear in Will, and the answer was basically "he's a murder wizard." (Murder wizard, devil, same thing.) Also: my friends need to watch this show so they know what I'm talking about when I call someone a clock faker, because that is clearly the best insult ever.

Also, Gillian Anderson is amazing and I hope her part is bigger next season. The show certainly seems to be setting her up for something big. (And probably terrible.)

In other news:

not the right tools for the job

My mom posted this to her Facebook with the caption "Jack's going to need a bigger saw." Luckily for him, the professionals are coming today to get rid of the tree (or start? not sure how much they can do in one day).

ETA: Mom just texted me this picture of our very, very sad garden. Pretty much nothing survived. :(

2. Kickstarter is evil and I wonder how much money I can afford to pledge to this campaign? Because I want, like, everything but the wine glasses (I think the wine glasses are sort of ugly). Until this moment, I never knew how desperately I needed to drink out of lab equipment.


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