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Feb. 11th, 2015 09:05 am
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So, this just happened:

- Go to Amazon to buy book for professor.
- Add book to cart.
- There are now three items in my cart. Huh?
- Check cart. See this:


...Yeah, the college is probably not going to reimburse me for Tiger & Bunny alpacas.

(I put these in my cart like a month ago, but I haven't bought them yet because I keep spending too much money on doujinshi.)
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sock army?
114 pairs of socks and 22 pairs of tights

Let me explain: You can kinda see a chest at the end of my bed in this picture; I use it to store spare sheets, off-season clothes, and the like. Yesterday I decided to clean it out because it's been getting too full. As I started pulling everything out and separating it by type, I realized I had a problem, because the sock pile looked like THIS. Mind you, these do not include my daily wear socks. (My sock drawer has another 65 pairs of socks. I counted.) Clearly, I have a sock problem. I knew I loved socks, but I never realized it was this bad.

I sorted them all out so I could determine what I was actually going to keep and what I was going to get rid of. I only put summer socks back into the chest (plus a few extra-thick socks for skiing and whatnot), and otherwise kept only what would fit back into my sock drawer. (Basically getting rid of a small garbage bag of socks.) Hopefully I've learned my lesson and won't let things get out of control again.
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I managed to get the living room straightened up last night, so today I'll take a break and then get to work on the mess in my bedroom tomorrow. This week has been really long and tiring, ugh. (OK, the living room still has a pile of boxes--because I'll need some of them for packing up books--and my sorted VHS tapes, but it's all out of the way and organized, and it's not like I burned a hole in the carpet or something, so I'm sure my parents won't mind.)

I brought some (shounen and shoujo) manga to work to put on the "free books" shelf that we have out in the hall. When I was sorting through my (BL) magazines, I found two duplicates (why??), so I brought those into work to throw into the recycling with a bunch of other papers. Some really thoughtful recycling worker pulled them out and put them on the free shelf yesterday, so this morning I noticed and threw them back in the recycling. Jeez, everybody I work with knows those books are mine, let's not mix the porn in, OK?

Now at least I know it's NOT safe to bring to work the BL manga I'm planning on getting rid of. I wish our recycling center in town would take paper, but they only accept newspaper and phone books, so I have to find someplace else to dump my books. Recycling porn is complicated.

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Potato Party

(Don't miss the links explaining the potato party fad.)

Five guys can't eat fifteen orders of fries? That's only three orders per person! AMATEURS. Go home and let a professional show you how to eat potatoes.

(I admit, I've never eaten three orders of fries at once. But I have eaten two, so I can't imagine that three would be so filling it would make you want to die. I can only guess these guys aren't used to entire meals consisting of nothing but carbs.)
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For whatever reason, this weekend I decided to finally update my manga database (which I somehow haven't done since before the Japan 2011 trip). Of course, in order to do so, I had to haul all the books out of whatever temporary nooks and crannies I had shoved them into.

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In other news, [ profile] maachaq and her family were in the country and came by to visit yesterday, which was fun (though her kids are more rowdy than I'm used to, haha), and...I think she might have convinced me to finally get on Facebook. Which sort of feels like crossing over to the Dark Side, but so many people in my family are on it, I've been thinking about it for a while.


*side-eyes Facebook*
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[Poll #1673871]

(For reference: pretty flowers; cute donkeys)

I love how bright and colorful the flowers are, but the donkeys make me laugh and laugh. No one else is really going to see the bag (it'll be hanging in my bathroom), so people pointing and laughing at the donkeys is not a factor. jsyk.

(The seller seems to be listing lots of new bags, like, as I write this, so if you want to browse her store and torment me by suggesting other patterns, feel free.)


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