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Now that that's out of my system...I don't like that I'm feeling so crabby and stressed-out lately. (Stress is partly financial, partly health, partly crap at work--and I don't mean the tape-and-scissor thief.) Friday is a "break day" (students and faculty get the day off), so I've decided to use a vacation day and have a three day weekend. Maybe I will work on some manga reviews, or putting doujinshi/special booklets in my database. Or maybe I'll just sit around and veg with the cats. I'm hoping having an extra day off will help my disposition.

Too bad I don't live close enough to work that I could go home at lunch and have a kitty snuggle. Here's my virtual kitty snuggle instead:

virtual kitty snuggle

I was reading about a journal project where you take a picture every day and then write a little bit about it. It was supposed to be printed out pictures in an actual book, but I'm thinking posting it here will work just as well. I think it would be fun, and maybe give my mind something positive to focus on. Need to focus on the positive. Can't let dealing with crabby people make me crabby, too. Today I will think about Wednesday's soft, warm belly fur and try to be less crabby.
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I was bored on Sunday, so I started browsing eBook Japan. (The instant gratification of digital manga is very, very dangerous for me.) Read Afureteshimau and enjoyed it. (Tangent: I'm going to have to buy the physical version of this, because reviews on Amazon warn and/or complain about the couple being reversible. Whaaaaat? The uke is so tiny and adorable, I'm seriously having trouble picturing this, and I LIKE reversible couples.) However, this leads to two tales of woe:

1. Yesterday, I was happily reading Kimi ga Boku wo Terasu when the book crashed on me. Not the app, the book. One second I was reading, the next second I was back in the bookshelf screen, with the app giving me an error message that the book had a problem and I'd have to download it again. (Incidentally, this crash randomly took a couple other books with it, including Sore Demo Yasashii Koi wo Suru and two of the chapters of Afureteshimau, which I had already downloaded and read the day before. This kind of thing makes ebooks a little scary. Don't steal away books I paid for and own!) But when I went to download the books again...nothing. No downloading. I tried several times over the rest of the day, but never had any success with downloading, or reading them on EBJ's website.

When I got home, I tried the downloads right away and they worked just fine. was a problem with the wifi at work? Confirmed this morning: EBJ works fine at home, but I can't download anything at work. I work for a liberal arts college, mind you; I'm not aware that they block any sites, and I've never had any problems downloading or streaming anything, but somehow they've randomly blocked EBJ? And not the site itself, just large files on the site? I don't really know how to broach this with our tech support, either. "Hey, I had problems downloading a book the other day, any chance you've blocked this site for having porn? Not that I'm buying porn, haha! I'm buying totally non-porn books! They just, you know, also happen to have porn available on that site! What books was I trying to download? Ummmm....." Yeah, that's not a conversation I want to have. Other possibility: large files in general are blocked? I can't actually check the size of individual files, but my iPad says ebiReader is taking up 1.2GB of storage. I have 28 books, so that's an average of ~43MB per book...yeah, it might be the file size. But wait! I couldn't download the free previews either, and I can't imagine those are huge files. Jeez, I just have no idea.

2. I've been meaning to grab the digital version of the Kuroneko manga because Renta! is supposed to have exclusive one page extras for each book. (Paperless papers, haha.) The annoying thing about Renta is that you don't just buy a book, you buy a certain number of tickets (¥100 each) and then use the tickets to buy the book. And of course, you can't buy, say, the 12 tickets you need to buy the two books you want, you can buy 10 tickets, or you can buy 30 tickets. Presumably you can also buy 10 tickets twice, but I figured, well, buying 30 means I get a free ticket, so might as well go with that? So I buy my tickets, mess around on the site for about 20 minutes while I figure out how to A) actually buy the books (this involves way more scrolling than it should) and B) download the books once I've bought them (had to look at FAQ to figure this one out). I finally get the books downloaded (at work, irony of ironies) They look super crappy. Turns out Renta books look awesome if you read them online, but the files you actually download are, I guess, tiny and super compressed, and thus look like crap. Like, they make digital manga from Amazon and Honto look amazing. So now I have 19 tickets at Renta and no desire to buy anything with them. UGH. I guess I'll be saving the tickets for the next Kuroneko books (which will hopefully have more extra pages) and not buying anything else there EVER.

(If you're wondering "Did you like the extra pages?" Well, I need some time to get over the file compression, because right now I look at them and go, "I CAN'T READ THIS, IT LOOKS LIKE SHIT" and reading on the site just makes me angry. I'll get back to you on this one.)
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This weekend I started my closet organization project. My parents are out of town, so I figured nobody was around to be annoyed by a big mess, so it would be easier if I basically pulled everything out of the closet to reorganize it all.

cut for mess )

Anybody out there need the Motto! Koori artbook? I seem to have two copies and I hate to throw one away. Maybe I should rip out pages and put them on my wall or something...
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The battery on my laptop is not charging. It works fine when plugged in, but I can't take it away from a power source. I did some google research, and I guess it's either a bum battery or bum connection to the battery. A new battery is ~$120. Not sure how much fixing the connection would be, but posts I saw on the topic suggested it's best to go with a flat "refurbish" rate, which means for ~$250, Apple will just replace any parts on the laptop (logic board, battery, etc) that need it.

However, my laptop is going on five years old, so I'm wondering if I should pay to have it fixed, or just replace it? I'm eyeing a refurbished MacBook Pro for $1200 that's looking pretty attractive right now.

The problem with either option is that my current "new computer fund" is a whopping $0.00. (I just knew that was going to bite me in the butt soon.) Either way I'm going to be stuck with my bum laptop for a while, so I guess I'll have some time to consider my options, but I'm curious what others would do in my position.
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bk1 is being swallowed up into some (e-book?) site called "honto." It looks like they are still going to accept international orders (if you have placed an international order before--wait, what?), but there's nothing about shipping policies, so who knows if they will still offer SAL shipping or not. (Maybe we should panic about that one.)

Gah. GAH.


Apr. 4th, 2012 02:55 pm
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We are sorry to tell you that this product was discontinued. We understand that you enjoyed MorningStar Farms® Meal Starters™ Sausage Style Recipe Crumbles™, but unfortunately, stores only want to stock the fastest moving products.
*rends garments*

I wish I had at least known about this ahead of time so I could have stocked up. What am I supposed to put on pizza? How can I make lasagna? Burritos will not be the same! And chili! Morningstar Farms, congratulations! You have ruined my dad's chili recipe. It is ridiculous how much I used this product, but apparently my family was the only one? I am crushed. Crushed!

We know that it will be hard to find a replacement, but we are always developing new products so we are sure that you will soon find another favorite! You might enjoy MorningStar Farms® Meal Starters® Grillers® Recipe Crumbles™.
Please. Don't insult me. Don't try to pretend that hamburger compares with sausage. I SCOFF AT YOUR HAMBURGER CRUMBLES.
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Via email from Goodreads:

We want to let you know about a change on our site that is impacting some of the books on your shelves. It's important that you read this and take action by Monday, January 30.

For years, we've used Amazon's data for information such as the book title, author, and publication date. Unfortunately, the terms required by Amazon have now become so restrictive that we decided it makes better sense to work with other data sources. However, the deadline to make the transition is Amazon's, and they have told us that we must stop using their data by January 30. We have to meet this deadline.

So I click on the link to see how many of my books need "rescuing." (That is, need me to manually type in the title, author, etc.)

...yeah, NO THANK YOU. Looks like I'm not going to be using Goodreads anymore. :/
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^ The current arrangement of my Sekaiichi Hatsukoi DVDs. Setting aside my annoyance that they labeled the episode 12.5 DVD cover "volume 12.5" (instead of 6.5, like it should be), I'm fussing over the extras discs. (The ones currently between 2-1 and Spirited Away, not volumes 0 and 6.5 12.5, which are staying where they are.) Should they go

1. [series 1] [series 1 extras] [series 2] [series 2 extras]
2. [series 1] [series 2] [all extras]
3. just move the damn extras off the shelf
4. something else


(Yes, I seriously think about these things.)

(More importantly, I'm sad that the second series looks like it's not coming with any extra manga booklets. I wonder what kind of pressure Nakamura is under to churn out as much manga as possible. Almost makes me feel guilty for wishing she would write more Takano/Ritsu already. Almost.)

I hate Amazon, film at 11 )
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So on Monday, I got my last Sekaiichi Hatsukoi DVD, and more importantly, this )
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Well, they were, but having the first flight of your trip diverted fifteen minutes after leaving due to mechanical issues is not exactly fun. But I am safely rebooked for a new flight and (barring any other unforeseen events), should make it to Narita only an hour later than my original flight. Won't be traveling with [ profile] spacealien_vamp, though. :(


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