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...Well, maybe less "cleaning" and more "organizing." (Though I have spent a lot of time with my dust cloth.) My past week has looked like this:

  • mail sorted (junk tossed; useful things filed [actually filed, not just set on file box], former pile on file box sorted and filed
  • manga (all of this year's purchases) sorted and shelved; Japan 2013 manga integrated into greater collection
    (three boxes moved from shelves to closet)
  • Japan 2013 doujinshi cataloged, sorted, and filed
  • DVDs organized and shelved (including ones that had been in a crate since basement renovations last year)
  • new drama CDs ripped to computer and shelved (mostly extras that came with Dear+ issues)
  • Japan 2013 special booklets cataloged [in progress]

Due to the length of time it takes to enter special booklet data, I'm only about a third of the way through that, I think. I'm dreading the Libre "booklets" (can we really call them "booklets" when they're so big I'm planning to shelve them with artbooks?) of 5000 authors each writing a two page story. Once I finish with that, I plan to catalog my artbooks (somehow have never entered those in my database). After that, I'll have to move on to something less fun, like clothes or the bathroom cabinet. (*bleh* to both of those, but it needs to get done.) I also need to dust, and if you think that doesn't sound like a huge project, you've never seen how many knick-knacks I keep on the tops of my bookshelves.

Also, I officially have a doujinshi problem. I did manage to get them all put away, but I'm honestly concerned about the integrity of the file cabinet that holds them. The bottom drawer is alarming in its unwillingness to move; it scrapes the floor almost the whole time, rather than only when pulled out all the way, like it used to. I definitely need to do some purging, and it's been a while since I did a doujinshi purge, so I almost certainly have some I could get rid of, but, well, purging is sad. This would be a first-stage purge (just moving them to my closet), but still. (I should note that the manga mentioned above was moved to the closet only for storage purposes; most of that is stuff I don’t want to get rid of.)

Anybody have a spare house I could borrow? Mine is out of space.

In other news, I talked my parents into getting me a good rice cooker for my birthday. What happened was this: I ordered myself a tofu press so I can make fresh tofu. And I was imagining how good fresh tofu would taste, and I how could have a meal of just rice and nori and tofu, and then I realized, crap, our rice cooker SUCKS. It burns the rice every dang time. (Never buy American rice cookers. Waste of money.) rice cooker. This one, chosen over the "umami" model mostly because of the retractable cord, though the slow cooker setting WAS tempting.
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Wednesday (who likes to get involved in whatever I'm doing), joins me whenever I put in a workout video. Only this is her idea of working out:

...Best workout partner, or worst workout partner?

I actually meant to post this yesterday, but Scrapbook was still being wonky. Anyway, as long as I'm here: birthday plans today include a chair massage, shopping with the girls ([ profile] mereflair and my mom), dinner (no diet at dinner! four cheese fondue and creamsicle drink [vanilla ice cream, vanilla vodka, orange soda] all the way!), and casino in the evening. Until this afternoon, though, I'm just going to laze around and hope my cramps go away, ow.
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So I ended up getting the Sony camera after all. I did a lot of hunting around Akihabara, but the Casio is too new; no good deals to be found. Even at its best price it was 12,000 more than what I paid for the Sony (I think the difference in retail price is only 5,000). After that, I headed up to Ikebukuro for more fangirlish shopping. There were a couple times that I almost passed on getting something, but then I was like, "It's my BIRTHDAY!" and bought it. I only stopped when I decided I couldn't carry any more (the Comiket catalogue is HEAVY). So, in addition to the camera (including memory stick and case), I got ten volumes of manga (including the expensive hardcover Mesai Tengoku vol. 2), three doujinshi (including two by Nitta Youka, [read: 20 bucks each]), Comiket 68 catalogue, new issue of Ciel (second-to-last chapter of Koicha! T_T), a random Bread Cat [please, don't bread your pets!] from a UFO catcher machine, and a Tsubasa stationary set. I didn't have any cake, but I did stop and get ice cream from Baskin Robbins.

total damage: 57,000円 )

For the rest of the day I think I'll be cleaning (my poor apartment is such a disaster right now) and reading manga.


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