Jan. 20th, 2012 09:00 am
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1. I'm officially mad at gmail, because now I have to look at this all day:

Look, I know the browser I'm using is ancient. But you know what? I CAN'T upgrade, because I'm running OS X 10.4. This is the newest version of Firefox that can run on 10.4. This is my work computer, so it's not like I can upgrade my OS. (Luckily my laptop runs 10.5, so I don't have this problem at home.) And don't try to pretend Chrome is better, that won't run on 10.4, either.

What really annoys me is for the first month or so, gmail let me run the standard version anyway, and it worked just fine, though it was kind of annoying to have to tell it every time that, yes, I did want to run the standard version, and no, I did not want to download Chrome. But now that option is gone, for some reason? So when I'm in another tab, I can't tell if I have a new e-mail--wait, no, that doesn't matter, because I have to refresh my inbox to even tell if I have new e-mail anyway. Seriously? What the hell, gmail.

ETA: found out how to fix this, yay.

2. The past few days, we've had problems with a mouse getting into our silverware drawer. This is strange because not only is there no food in the silverware drawer, the bottom drawer in the stack is FULL of food. (Are they sleeping in there? Do they like to lick the metal?) Anyway, my mom mentioned that the mice have always gone for that drawer, and how we used to occasionally keep gum in there. "And the mice remember that!" she joked. This led to a lot of hilarity about tales of delicious gum being passed down from mouse generation to mouse generation. (But seriously, why the silverware drawer? Also, GROSS, we have to eat with that silverware, stupid mice, stop pooping in it!)

3. A few months ago, when I first started watching Chihayafuru, I wrote: "The characters are really fun, too, although Taichi is as annoying as all get-out."

OH GOD, TAICHI, I'M SO SORRY. Like, it's hilarious how awful I feel about this now. I love Taichi! It's impossible that I ever thought he was annoying! D:

on chihayafuru's triangle, and triangles in general; relatively spoiler-free )
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So I just finished Durarara!!, after starting it earlier this week. I watched like, the first two episodes Wednesday, then up to 8 Thursday evening, and then finished last night around midnight. (So, 9-25 + special, in one day. Also, thank you, Crunchyroll iPhone app, for the two episodes I watched during my lunch hour at work.) To be honest, I didn't find the second half of the show quite as compelling as the first half (especially episodes 8-12), but that's mainly because the second half wasn't as much about Celty and she is totally my favorite character. It was still addictive enough to keep me watching, obviously.

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Somehow, the first couple novels just found their way into my Amazon shopping cart. I mean, the anime only covers the first three books, and there are nine so far. This lack of knowledge about what happens after the anime must be remedied, obviously.

Semi-related: I have to say, I'm happy that I'm getting back into anime in time for my Japan trip this summer. I haven't really been into it on my last couple trips, and it's really sad to look around the goods floor of Animate and not be interested in any of it because you don't know any of the shows. Not to mention it will make doujinshi browsing more fun.
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So, after reading this rec, I decided to give the series a go. In the beginning, I was a little worried that I had, I dunno, been replaced by some sort of bizarro Denise, like, what the heck, am I really reading het romance in English (gasp, shock) and liking it this much? But when I finally got to the Jules/Robin stuff, I felt reassured: yep, nothing does it for me like hot guys gettin' it on. So, having read all but three of the books in the series now, I can say that while it is possible to take an extreme minimalist approach to the series (as the linked reccer suggests), only reading Hot Target, Force of Nature and All Through the Night to get just the Jules/Robin romance, I don't think the books would be as good that way. So! In case anyone is interested in this couple (and you should be!), I've written little bits about each book and rated them with a "skipability index" from 0 to 10; 0 being read this book, omg and 10 being I wish I hadn't read this book, ugh. Since Jules is like, THE BEST CHARACTER EVER, OMG, the index is heavily biased for his level of involvement, but also factors in the main story/couple of the book.

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Got a package of goodies from [livejournal.com profile] spacealien_vamp last week, which included:

-Adorable but too small to be practical Bukiyou na Silent mini clear file; Why, WHY do I have this compulsion to acquire this kind of useless merchandise? It's the size of a postcard, for crying out loud, what the heck am I going to put in it? Postcards?

-Gush special order booklet (scans to be posted later), which was slightly disappointing because some contributors cruelly only drew one page. *sniffle* However, the inclusion of a bunch of color prints was a nice unexpected bonus. Also, I will now cackle evilly because [livejournal.com profile] sara_tanaquil is on vacation and won't get hers until she gets home. Ha ha ha!

-Kiss wa Daiji ni Sarigenaku drama CD, the special edition that includes a booklet with a short story (in which Ai is so adorable he kills me dead, as usual). Would anyone be interested in scans of this also? I'd be happy to post it.

On a related note, apparently there's a White Heron side story in the next issue of The Ruby (forcing me to buy it, bah!):


Alas that this magazine also has some manga series by Nakamura Shungiku that I haven't read the first chapter of, so owning it will torment me horribly. But I prefer to experience feelings of torment with an empty wallet, so I won't pass it up.

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