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Obligatory Kickstarter crying: I'm pretty sure I'm going to back Fleet. (Crab meeples!!! why am I so excited about this what is wrong with me also I really need to get Agricola. I don't even care what the game is like, I just need the animeeples.) I think I might need an intervention. Not only is my August budget in shambles, but I did my September budget today and wanted to cry. It's a good thing I go back to working full time next week, but dang, October seems a long way off right now.
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After a couple of expensive trips to California, I wildly over-budgeted for my trip to CT/NY, hoping to be able to put the extra money towards a savings goal (like a new laptop, because I'm increasingly nervous about my aging Macbook). Instead, I find it's all being spent on new games?

1. Dominion (big box + base cards) - at least I had a gift certificate at Amazon to make this more affordable.

(Everything else is Kickstarter, because there is something about the combination of exclusive extras and limited time frame that is murder on my willpower.)

2. Incredible Expeditions - OMG EVERYBODY BUY THIS I WANT ALL THE STRETCH GOALS. There are still a couple of slots open for the early bird price! Also, another early bird slot will open up later when I switch to whatever fancy version they are apparently going to post soon.

3. Templar - I hope this game is fun, but to be honest, I only care about it because I can get the anniversary edition of Alhambra as an add-on. Wooden fountains!

4. Freedom - stupid lantern *facepalm*

If I have any money left over after this nonsense, I'm trying to decide whether I want to grab Lords of Waterdeep or Among the Stars. Though I guess I might as well wait, because I'm assuming we're going to play a LOT of Dominion for a while. In the meantime, I'm cutting myself off from looking at new things on Kickstarter. [ profile] spacealien_vamp, I'm counting on you to let me know if there are any amazing new games I shouldn't miss out on.
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Comment seen elsewhere: I can't believe a TV show made me that excited over someone drawing a clock.

This is extremely accurate.

Also, for posterity: this is my new favorite thing ever.

What a freaking emotional roller coaster:

"Yes, Will is drawing a clock for Alana!" :D

"Nooooo, Hannibal has a fake clock!" D:

"Will realizes he's being framed!" :D

"Agh, Jack thinks it's just a paranoid delusion!" D:

Veal is people, obviously, veal Abigail? Oh god, it was totally Abigail, wasn't it. D:

(Speaking of Abigail, did Will throw up the ear? Or did he throw up when he saw the ear in the sink? I need to watch that scene again. Because seriously, I know Hannibal is a murder wizard and all [I'm totally picturing him with a paint brush, painting blood under Will's fingernails], but COME ON.)

Another thing bugging me: the fishing lures - has Hannibal been saving body part bits to use in fishing lures, or has he been planting body part bits in fishing lures all along? We saw him tying a lure pretty early in the season, so I guess the latter, but...what if Will had noticed?

(...I want to be like FISHING LURES ARE PEOPLE, WHY, but to be honest after the episode where violins were people I don't think anything can surprise me anymore. It's more like, of course fishing lures are people, what else would they be?)

ETA: Yes, Will definitely threw up the ear. I like how Bryan Fuller was asked about how Hannibal would get the ear in Will, and the answer was basically "he's a murder wizard." (Murder wizard, devil, same thing.) Also: my friends need to watch this show so they know what I'm talking about when I call someone a clock faker, because that is clearly the best insult ever.

Also, Gillian Anderson is amazing and I hope her part is bigger next season. The show certainly seems to be setting her up for something big. (And probably terrible.)

In other news:

not the right tools for the job

My mom posted this to her Facebook with the caption "Jack's going to need a bigger saw." Luckily for him, the professionals are coming today to get rid of the tree (or start? not sure how much they can do in one day).

ETA: Mom just texted me this picture of our very, very sad garden. Pretty much nothing survived. :(

2. Kickstarter is evil and I wonder how much money I can afford to pledge to this campaign? Because I want, like, everything but the wine glasses (I think the wine glasses are sort of ugly). Until this moment, I never knew how desperately I needed to drink out of lab equipment.


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