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Now that I'm more or less done with my shopping list, it's time to work on my OTHER job: getting my friends to buy as much as possible (mwahahaha!). I haven't been doing much reviewing this year, so I put together a list from my manga orders since this spring (when I last posted reviews). I did take out magazines and artbooks, but left everything else in. Feel free to peruse this list and request a review on anything that might interest you. (This does include my November order, though, so some of it I don't actually have yet.) I'll leave this list here and cross things off as I review them, so you can come back and request more later if you are so inclined. And, of course, if there's something not on this list but I've talked about elsewhere, feel free to ask for that, too. (Hmm, maybe I should throw a spreadsheet of all my manga online somewhere...)

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Today, in lieu of reviews, a bunch of manga orders I never got around to posting, from...pretty much all year, actually. (Sheesh.) Since I'm in such a review-happy mode right now, feel free to request a review of anything you'd like to know more about.

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Jan. 14th, 2011 12:06 pm
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This is like one of those "If a train leaves Chicago, traveling at 60 mph" math problems. Only it's two packages leaving Japan, one from Narita, one from Osaka. The one from Narita is on the delivery truck on its way to my house. The other one...decided to hang out in Hong Kong for a while...?

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Hmm, only four years until everyone has hovercars? You guys, where is my hovercar.

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In lieu of actual reviews, have some old manga orders I never got around to posting )
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Let's just forget about the three orders I skipped posting, OK? OK.

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...which will probably not arrive until June, whatever (thanks, Amazon, for totally lying about Usagi Otoko's release date). I should also note that there was no April order, in an attempt (futile as it may be) to reduce spending. We shall see how my every-other-month experiment goes.

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PS: New Nightrunner today!! \o/
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For some reason, I'm not very excited about this order, even though it has the new Flesh & Blood in it. Maybe I'll be more enthused once I actually read 13 (I was putting it off because I could tell from the pictures I wouldn't like the cliffhanger). On the other hand, the fact that only about half of them are new releases doesn't help.

But the main problem is what I really want right now is the new Nightrunner book, which doesn't come out until May. TORTURRRRE~

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A while ago, [ profile] sara_tanaquil asked me to post about my buying habits (namely, what exactly I was ordering) more regularly, and since I need to stop sitting around and reading the addictive SVH recaps at [ profile] 1bruce1 (my childhood omg), today seems like a good time to start. blab & lists )

Since I have tomorrow off, hopefully I'll have a chance to post about some of the stuff in my January order. (ETA: OK, guess not. Let's shoot for later this week.)


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