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Last day and I almost forgot to post! (I know I talked about doing it for longer than 30 days, but since I'm finding it more and more difficult to come up with interesting pictures, I think it's best to end it here. It's been fun, though, and hopefully I'll keep taking lots of pictures.)

For the heck of it, the same bushes from Day 28.
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button caps
I took this picture because I liked the little snow caps on the bushes, but considering how much snow we got since Monday, it just makes me laugh now.

snow day
This is our yard after we got a foot of snow dumped on us. (It snowed more overnight, too.) Well, we're not Buffalo, I guess, but it still seems like a LOT of snow for November 18th. Our school had a snow day (yay!) and Dad and I went cross country skiing. It wasn't great (the ground isn't frozen yet, so the snow is pretty sticky at the bottom), but it was better than the last time we tried to go this early--that was on just a couple inches of snow, I think, and we turned back because it was so sticky.

Funny thing: I tried to take a couple more pictures of our yard when coming back from skiing, but I couldn't because my phone got too cold. Apparently Apple only has one error message for extreme temperatures, though, because it told me my phone was too HOT and needed to cool down. What, you want me to go stick it in the freezer or something?
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Snow! It's not unusual to get snow this time of year. It IS unusual to get 6", which is what we got at home. (That's what you get, being only 25 miles away from Lake Michigan [vs. ~50 where I work].) And we're supposed to get hit really hard tonight, too. Whee~

sunrise 2
More sunrise picture attempts. (Yes, this is through my windshield. I was at a red light--I'm not completely crazy.)

more snow
Our snow at home. As this was taken Saturday, it's a little melted/compacted compared to right after it fell. We're still getting used to the view of the stream through the snow.

Sadly, I didn't take a single non-cat picture yesterday, so here's a bonus picture form Saturday instead:

Yes, I will totally gnaw at this pineapple core like a dog with a bone. Pineapple is that delicious.

...What with all this snow and cold (yesterday was a heatwave at 35F), I've decided that my lightweight wool base layer isn't cutting it and have ordered a warmer set. What I have now is Ibex, 150g. I love them to death, but Ibex's heavier liners are 220g, while Smartwool is 250g, so I was planning on trying out Smartwool. Then I happened to check Icebreaker, and their heavier liners are 260g, so I totally went with that. The warmer the better, I figure.

Here is something awesome: yesterday, I was wearing my wool liners while running. Today, I am wearing them at work. I did not need to wash them in between; they don't smell at all. Wool is officially the best thing ever.
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Still working on getting an awesome sunrise picture. This isn't spectacular, but I like the view down the main street of our (tiny) campus. The building I work in is on the right.

word wall
I had a (two hour, ugh) meeting in the new building on campus yesterday, and took this picture of the art wall that makes up a big part of it. I read a little info card about the art project (involving college students telling stories and then putting their words into a non-linear format), but I can't remember the title. (Why didn't I just take a picture of the card?) Anyway, the wall is really cool in person, though I think the lighting doesn't make for a great picture.
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stripy tights!
Stripey tights!

These were rescued from the depths of the sock pile in my clothes chest. I didn't even remember I had them! The problem, of course, with wearing fun tights is that I sit at a desk all day so nobody sees them. Oh well.
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tape fragment
(The picture is not upside down, the measuring tape is.)

This is sad (because litter), but also kind of funny. All along the street where I take my walks, there are these fragments of measuring tape. I really can't figure out how it came to be like this. One would think it got crushed while still rolled up, but the fragments are spaced such that it looks like it happened when it was unrolled, This is not one or two pieces, this is dozens of pieces. I guess maybe it was uncoiled in a kind of a twist, and a car ran over the length of it?
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sock army?
114 pairs of socks and 22 pairs of tights

Let me explain: You can kinda see a chest at the end of my bed in this picture; I use it to store spare sheets, off-season clothes, and the like. Yesterday I decided to clean it out because it's been getting too full. As I started pulling everything out and separating it by type, I realized I had a problem, because the sock pile looked like THIS. Mind you, these do not include my daily wear socks. (My sock drawer has another 65 pairs of socks. I counted.) Clearly, I have a sock problem. I knew I loved socks, but I never realized it was this bad.

I sorted them all out so I could determine what I was actually going to keep and what I was going to get rid of. I only put summer socks back into the chest (plus a few extra-thick socks for skiing and whatnot), and otherwise kept only what would fit back into my sock drawer. (Basically getting rid of a small garbage bag of socks.) Hopefully I've learned my lesson and won't let things get out of control again.
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Yesterday there was this GORGEOUS sunrise, with the pinks extending over what seemed like half the sky. I, of course, was driving to work and couldn't take a picture. ("Just wait, like, 15 minutes, okay?? You're so pretty!!") Instead, I took a picture of the bushes from Day 3 so you can compare the cool shaded color with what they actually look like in real life.

(Tomorrow's picture will be hilarious. Or sad. Disturbing? Somewhat embarrassing. Ummm....Special.)
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computer cats
Ha, wait, does this break my cat rule? Oh well, I didn't actually take it yesterday, either, so whatever. (I forgot to take any pictures yesterday! Oops.) Anyway: I like to cute up my desk at work; these cats live on top of my computer. I get lots of compliments on them from students who come into the office.
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Today's photo is really a review. Because why not? I'm making the rules here.

Ame to Kiss - Akihira Shiro (sweh!)
Maeda Taiki is an insecure, (supposedly) plain-looking boy who works in a clothing store ("10 Inch Frog"). He has a HUGE crush on Yagii Haruhisa, who works for the company that runs the mall. And they are So. Freaking. Adorable. Together. Unfortunately, the main conflict stems from Maeda's insecurity (and inexperience with relationships), so he can't see how totally crazy about him Yagii is. This leads to a sort-of-fight that I can see being frustrating for people who don't like conflict to come from miscommunication. (Even I am like, "Dude, if your boyfriend says 'We need to talk,' you should probably talk, rather than assuming he wants to break up with you and never answering his calls or texts.) Anyway...YMMV, but I think the adorableness of the rest totally makes up for it. I almost died when I saw the New Years picture (above). The others are clearly selfies, but who's taking a picture of them making a heart with their hands?? "Hey, random person, we are totally not a couple, but would you please take a picture of us?" I'm guessing Maeda is too oblivious to realize how obvious they are and Yagii just doesn't care. He'd probably wear a T-shirt that said "Check out my adorable boyfriend! You can't have him."

If you pick this up, don't miss out on the gags under the cover. Yagii is a squirrel, haha! These guys are Too. Adorable.
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happy november
This turkey has so many problems. Why the fancy wings but plain tail? I'm contemplating adding one of those turkeys made by tracing your hand. (That's about the extent of my drawing skills.)
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leaf cleanup
Cleaning up leaves on our campus is Serious Business. I wish I had gotten some of the leaf blowers in this picture, too. Have you ever seen a thing that's like a golf cart, but has a giant fan on one side? Yeah, our school has one of those. (It's not the cart you can see in this picture.)
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These were actually taken on the correct days, I just forgot to post over the weekend. Also, I might be running out of ideas for interesting pictures.

star lights
This is a crappy picture (taken as the bus was pulling away from me as the red light turned green), but...this bus has star tail lights! Cutest bus!

A small sampling of the gluttony from [ profile] mereflair's Halloween party Saturday. (Not shown: pizza, tacos, fries, pop, etc.) Other than eating a lot, we played Mario Kart (I was good at this game like 3 platforms ago...) and Typing of the Dead: Overkill, which is kind of hilariously bad (or good?), and which I am way better at than normal shooting games because I can type. However, I'm better at complete sentences than single random words, so I still kinda sucked at it.

try, try again
I've been trying to get a good picture of this gorgeous Japanese maple for a while now, but I kept missing out on good daylight, and now that most of the leaves are gone, I guess I've lost my chance until next year. Oh well, it's still kinda pretty.

(Incidentally, this was taken yesterday on my bike ride, and it was kind of a pain to stop and take pictures because I had so many dang layers of gloves. BUT my hands were nice and warm, even at 40F.)
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Continuing with the Australia souvenirs (with a thematically appropriate prop for the holiday--and yes, he is still sitting on this pumpkin with the rest of the Halloween decorations).

Confession: the other day (while whining about the hoodie situation) I told [ profile] mangaroo that my parents aren't very good at guessing what sort of souvenirs to bring back for me. This is mostly true, but then sometimes they get stuff that is perfect. (And I really do believe it's the thought that counts, so I hope I'm gracious about presents they get me.) I think this koala is adorable, and really love the pearl necklace my mom picked out, so between these and the awesome hoodie, I'm pretty sure I'm never allowed to say anything bad about their souvenir-picking abilities again.
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rising sun?

I'm sure this is just some sort of quality test mark, but it made me laugh anyway. Patriotic Milk Duds! I bet you can't even find Milk Duds in Japan.

Sorry to say that I was tired and crabby yesterday and pretty much forgot to take any pictures. (This was the only one.) I might be even MORE crabby today (car woes), but I'm trying not to let it get me down.

ETA: email from mechanic: "I'm sorry your car is being a tool." This makes me laugh more than it probably should. I'm really happy I found this shop.
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Kangaroo hoodie!

Let me share the hilarious story behind this sweatshirt. My parents were two weeks into their three week Australia vacation when I suddenly decided I needed a hoodie from Australia and/or Sydney. I immediately texted my mom and...if you don't have an iPhone, let me tell you that when you text someone else with an iPhone (or iPad), it tells you when the message is delivered/read. So I noticed that my text to my mom wasn't marked "delivered." After a while I realized that they must not have any signal on their cruise, so I had to wait. A few days later, I got a text from my mom and I immediately texted her back, but nothing. A couple days before they got back, I was looking up when their flight left and trying to work out when they would be back in civilization, but still didn't hear from them until they were at the airport. (I guess they went straight from the ship to the airport?) So I'm texting them like, "Nice to hear from you, glad you enjoyed the cruise DID YOU GET MY TEXTS I NEED A HOODIE." (When I get fixated on an idea...) My mom and I texted each other back several times while they were at the airport, but at no time did my mom say, "Sure, we'll look for a sweatshirt." I know my parents well enough to expect that they would look, but still. Anyway, the above is what I ended up with, because my parents are the best (they did not at all make fun of me for my desperate pleas for a freaking sweatshirt). It is super soft on the inside, and my dad said he was going to keep it if I didn't like it. (No way!)

My Awesome Night

9:25pm - Get ready to leave for airport to pick up parents. Car door won't unlock. Huh? Think the remote is dead, unlock door with key (how quaint). No lights come on when I open the door. Realize car battery is dead.

9:30pm - Frantically search garage and basement for jumper cables. No luck. Call neighbor to borrow jumper cables, she lends me her car instead (best decision).

9:35pm - Drive neighbor's ginormous SVU to airport. This car is like three times the size of my car, ugh.

10:15pm - pick up parents (plus other couple they are with, reason for needing large vehicle) from airport, no problems.

11:15pm - Jumper cables, are, ironically, in Dad's car, under the false bottom of the trunk. (What do you call those?) We spend at least 15 minutes trying to figure out how to pry this up (can't open back end of car because it doesn't have a key hole), end up doing it with a crowbar, then suddenly realize it can be lifted from the other end. We are morons but it's dark and late.

11:40pm - Finally get jumper cables hooked up, try starting car. Nothing. Decide to let other car run for a while in hopes it will give some juice to dead battery.

11:55pm - Battery still completely dead. Hook up battery charger to leave running all night. Finally go to bed.

(Before you feel too sorry for me, please remember that my dad just traveled FROM AUSTRALIA, maybe 30 hours.)

This morning, we are a one-car family. (My car is still in the shop, hopefully to be picked up today.) Dad had to get up and drive me to work (I think it will surprise no one that the dead battery didn't charge. When you can't jump start a battery, it's REALLY dead.), and then drive an hour away to his aunt's funeral. Poor Dad was so tired I actually had to wake him up at 6:30 (pretty sure it's the first time in my life I've woken my dad up when it wasn't Christmas morning). I guess I should have woken him earlier (I ended up being about a half hour late to work), but I'm not sorry I let him sleep a little longer. Hopefully he can get a good night's sleep tonight.

Unrelated things:

- License plate seen on red Mini Cooper this morning: MINITOR. (Shouldn't that be Minitaur? Oh, I guess that's probably too long.)

- Recently learned lesson: check US iTunes before buying songs on Japanese iTunes, because cost is $1.29 vs. ¥250 and you never know what's on US iTunes.
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baby lettuce?

Is this edible? It doesn't look edible to me, but it came in a package of arugula. I suppose it's not that weird to get a random weed in with your lettuce, but in all my years of buying lettuce, I've never had it happen before.

(Not that anybody cares, but in the background, you can see exactly what I put on my salad: feta crumbles, walnuts, and Bolthouse Farms Raspberry Merlot dressing. Yum.)
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twisty vine

The scent of fresh grapes is one of my favorite parts of fall. By this time of year, the grapes have been harvested and the vines are drying up, but there are always a few grapes left behind, so on a warm, sunny day like yesterday, you can still smell them. (I ate a grape while I was taking pictures, and they taste as good as they smell!)
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(...when you spend all day watching anime, the pictures you take might not be that interesting)

Workout jackets! Old, current, and new (maybe--I ordered two with the intention of only keeping the one I like best, but the other one isn't here yet. The other one is the same color, but fleecy on the inside, and has a hood and thumb holes in the sleeves). The pink one on the left is a couple of years old, and is kind of hilariously big on me now; to be honest I thought I'd gotten rid of it, but I was looking for something to wear last night because the orange one was wet (from being washed). I actually like the orange one I'm using now, but since I've discovered the magic of the odorless merino wool, I can no longer stand how smelly it gets after being worn even once, hence the new (very expensive!) one. I have my eye on a bunch of other wool stuff, too, just waiting for my November budget. How have I lived this long without merino wool in my life??

The problem with workout clothes this time of year is that I have to choose between short sleeves and a shirt with a jacket over it. Because I have long-sleeved shirts, but they don't have pockets, and I need a pocket to put my phone in. Okay, I do have an armband, but I really hate using it, and anyway it slips around like crazy when it's over a sleeve. So I need pockets. It's hard, being a slave to technology, but my phone tracks speed, distance, and (when I'm doing intervals) tells me when to walk and when to run. I wonder if the Apple Watch will be able to live without its phone partner for long enough to solve this problem? Because that would make it super sexy to me.
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yard leaves

I don't mean for this to be "30 days of fall colors," but, well, I am very fond of fall colors. I think my favorite part of this is the mums you can see way in the background. Runners-up for the day were some pictures I took during prep of a butternut squash soup. The soup was very yummy, but the pictures were just okay.

I also added a comparison shot of a normal woolly bear to my Day 1 post.


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