Oct. 26th, 2014

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I spent way too much time this weekend watching Magi this weekend. It is...not a great show, but some people keep reblogging amazing fanart on tumblr so here I am. (For the record, this is the picture that made me go, "Okay, I give up, I need to see this show.") You forget, though, when you read a lot of BL, that shipping some background characters in a shounen show can be really frustrating. Oh well, at least I've gotten to like Alibaba and Hakuryuu, the dorks.

In other news, I'm soliciting opinions on two problems ("problems") I have:

1. How do you shelve manga when the author goes by multiple pen names? It's not really a problem for changes like Moto Haruko --> Moto Haruhira, but then there's Ukyou Aya/Sakyou Ayane. Right now I have her stuff all filed under Ukyou (because I bought stuff by her under that name first), but obviously I'm more into her BL stuff so it's starting to seem weird to file her under her shoujo name when that's not really how I think of her. Anyway, I'm kind of curious how other people handle stuff like this.

2. A few weeks ago I went on a doujinshi shopping spree and snagged a bunch of stuff off of Yahoo Auctions, and somehow, a set of Love Stage manga found its way into the mix. I already have digital copies, but I decided I wanted hard copies also, and I got them on Yahoo Actions because I found a listing for a set that included the Animate-exclusive cover. (For reference: original cover) I assumed the book would come with both covers, but it didn't. Here's my problem: I like the original cover better. BUT I love the way the alternate cover is like an alternate view of the same picture, which means I need to have both. So I'm wondering: what would you do?
A) No need to buy the book again, you already have it on your iPad
B) Buy the book to have both covers, keep both books
C) Buy the book to have both covers, throw away extra book
D) Something else I haven't thought of
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(...when you spend all day watching anime, the pictures you take might not be that interesting)

Workout jackets! Old, current, and new (maybe--I ordered two with the intention of only keeping the one I like best, but the other one isn't here yet. The other one is the same color, but fleecy on the inside, and has a hood and thumb holes in the sleeves). The pink one on the left is a couple of years old, and is kind of hilariously big on me now; to be honest I thought I'd gotten rid of it, but I was looking for something to wear last night because the orange one was wet (from being washed). I actually like the orange one I'm using now, but since I've discovered the magic of the odorless merino wool, I can no longer stand how smelly it gets after being worn even once, hence the new (very expensive!) one. I have my eye on a bunch of other wool stuff, too, just waiting for my November budget. How have I lived this long without merino wool in my life??

The problem with workout clothes this time of year is that I have to choose between short sleeves and a shirt with a jacket over it. Because I have long-sleeved shirts, but they don't have pockets, and I need a pocket to put my phone in. Okay, I do have an armband, but I really hate using it, and anyway it slips around like crazy when it's over a sleeve. So I need pockets. It's hard, being a slave to technology, but my phone tracks speed, distance, and (when I'm doing intervals) tells me when to walk and when to run. I wonder if the Apple Watch will be able to live without its phone partner for long enough to solve this problem? Because that would make it super sexy to me.


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