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Before I talk at great length about Haikyuu, I want to talk about deputy shopping services. I have been using Noppin for years (since they were Crescent, even) and have been happy with them. At the end of December, however, just as I was getting ready to place a bunch of bids on Winter Comiket doujinshi, Noppin closed for a week for the holiday and server maintenance. I panicked and started looking for a different deputy service, because what if I missed all the Comiket doujinshi?? But I soon calmed down and realized that 1) everyone was going to be closed at least for a few days for New Years, and 2) I already have a sizable deposit at Noppin, and it's kind of annoying to have to make a deposit elsewhere as well. So I decided to be patient and wait out the holiday, and of course I didn't have any trouble getting anything I wanted.

The reason I tell this story is that while I was panicking, I found a service called Goody Japan. They don't have real time bidding the way Noppin does, so I doubt I'll be using their auction services. BUT their fees for shopping services are way cheaper (¥400 + 7% vs ¥1000 + 10% at Noppin), and placing orders is much easier compared to Noppin's clunky message board. (Since I mentioned the deposit above, I will say that with Goody's system, you make a deposit for each shopping order, and then it's subtracted from the final total you owe, so they don't keep money for you the way Noppin does for their auction service.) Frankly, it makes it dangerously easy to order things from Animate, or Tora no Ana, or any number of shops. They also were super fast in getting my things packaged and ready to ship out (Noppin can take days to get a package ready, especially when apparently they think your package is going to get confiscated because it has freaking udon noodles in it), and everything was packed perfectly. I kind of laughed that they made a big deal out of the air pocket padding, but the box really did seem lighter compared to just newspaper. Anyway, I will definitely be using Goody again--in fact, I just placed another doujinshi order this weekend because Haikyuu!! (Those exclamation points are in the title, but they are also the punctuation for that sentence.) This good of a segue as any, I guess?

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exchange rate

The tragedy of this is that my last manga order was so huge (darn you, bazillion series books released in April) I'm not planning on placing an order in May. Please be kind to me, exchange rate gods, I have been so good.

Other random things:

  • Don't make fun of renowned Dan Brown I've never actually read a Dan Brown book, but this is still hilarious. ("renowned deity God," hahaha)

  • OUAT finale - meh. Okay, I was happy to see that Neal is going to be hanging around with Aurora and Mulan (and Phillip, but who cares about Phillip), because yay for more Aurora and Mulan, but mostly it was a big yawn for me. Also, apparently I can't look at the screen when there is anything romantic between Gold and any other character.

  • Speaking of not being able to look at the screen, I started watching Hannibal, because...I don't really know? I'm horrified by gory stuff, so I had to read recaps of the first six episodes before I was sure I was ready, but so far I've only had to look away from the screen once (eye gouging *shudder*)--mostly it's so over-the-top and/or surreal that it doesn't actually bother me*. And there's something really fun about a procedural show where one of the main characters is totally evil. (Stolen description: It's like Sherlock Holmes if Watson was really Moriarty.) Also, the "SAUSAGE IS PEOPLE" (and BEER IS PEOPLE, etc) jokes might never get old for me. (This gifset is the best.)

  • ETA: lol, Michelle Bachmann. I wonder if her "threat" might actually garner support for marriage equality?

*When I was visiting [ profile] spacealien_vamp, we watched an episode of Grimm, and the grossness made me go, "Yeahhhh, this is why I don't watch this show." But in retrospect, probably that was just a bad episode for me to watch because it was about eyes getting eaten. Eye trauma is definitely the worst.


Mar. 14th, 2013 10:41 am
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exchange rate

I'm pretty sure nobody has ever been as excited about an exchange rate as I am right now. I might explode if it actually makes it to 100. Please, please, never let it drop back down to 75 again. (From now on, we'll refer to that period as "the dark days" and speak of it only in hushed voices.)


Is it weird that this is making me want to watch Veronica Mars?


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