May. 4th, 2011 09:18 am
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Note found on my windshield yesterday when I left work:

"Hi! Please consider pulling all the way up to the car in front of you to create more parking! Thx!"

Well, since that would mean me parking in a completely different location (nearest car in front of me when I get to work is like 100 feet away), I'm not so much inclined to do that. I am thinking about leaving a note on my car for a couple days that says "To whoever left me a note the other day: Hi! If you don't like where I park, maybe YOU should consider getting here at 7:30, like I do. 'Thx!' PS Do you even know how parallel parking works?"

Ugh, people.

Bag It was on PBS last weekend; it was a really great movie. Informative (sometimes depressingly so) but also really entertaining. I've been trying to cut down on plastic lately (inspired by My Plastic-free Life), and it's pretty frustrating how ubiquitous it's become. It's just impossible to get away from it sometimes. Ugh. Anyway, next up is the book Plastic: A Toxic Love Story, which I've heard is also really good. (But it's checked out right now at my library, so I'll have to wait a bit.)

In fannish news, I was checking the release date on the OP/ED singles for Sekaiichi Hatsukoi the other day (PS I really wish I could buy these songs from iTunes so I don't have to forever own CDs that I will rip onto my computer and then never touch again), I noticed that they're going to release character songs. Really, character songs? That seems so 90s. Or...something. I dunno. Seems strange. But I guess each of the POV characters (Ritsu, Chiaki, Kisa) is going to have one.

Speaking of Chiaki, they're doing another super-special LE version of the manga (vol. 6) that comes with a DVD, which will be a Chiaki episode. Bummer, since I saw the flier that there would be an episode 12.5 and was like YAY and then saw that it would be Chiaki, sigh. Since the next episode of the TV series is also Chiaki, I decided to give the novels another chance and am actually reading volume 2, which I think I got about two years ago. No, I just checked, it came out in 2008. Anyway, I will try to be more patient with this one; I think loving the manga so much made the first novel extra disappointing, so maybe going in with lower expectations will help? (If I WANT to like it badly enough, can I make it happen?)

ETA: This was the 7:30 funny news bite on NPR this morning. I'm kind of sad because I've never seen this car, even though I drive by WMU's campus every day.
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I got two separate shipping notifications from Amazon Japan last night (one for one(!) item, one for three items--both, btw, coming from the same facility in Chiba) from an order that I wasn't expecting to ship until April. Have they changed their "group items in as few shipments as possible" policy or something?

Is there any point in trying to understand Amazon's policies?


Dec. 16th, 2010 08:44 am
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this morning's e-mail from Mangaoh:


なお、残りのご注文品は全点入荷しておりますが、現在ご指定の発送条件が『指定商品が全部揃ったら』となっている為、(お取り寄せする事が出来ない商品が有る為)現在発送保留扱いとなっております。お手数をお掛け致しますが こちらのページにて『発送条件』を変更していただくか、(発送指定商品、または冊数指定の設定など)ご返信くださいますようお願い申し上げます。


Translation: "Hey, you know that manga you wanted? Well, we couldn't get it from the publisher, so now we have to cancel it. The other items in your order are all in stock, but your account is set to 'only ship when everything is in stock' and when we say everything, we mean EVERYTHING, including canceled items! So you need to change your settings before December 22nd, at which point we will realize that it's impossible to ship a canceled item and ship your order anyway. We can't do it before then, though! That would just be silly."

Seriously? If one item is canceled, and the rest are all in stock, doesn't that mean everything in my order is now in stock and it can be shipped? It's not like there's some option to wait another month to see if they get it in stock, it's canceled no matter what. So why the crap do I need to change my settings?

Also, Sagatte Omachikudasai is totally back in stock at Amazon now. I would have just let them ship it to me by itself (a couple months ago when it was in my Amazon order and they shipped everything else without it) if I'd known it was going to be this much of a pain to get my hands on it. (And the dumb thing is, I don't even know if it's good or anything, but now it's going to drive me crazy until I get it.)


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