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I'm still recovering from jet lag and general vacation hangover, but I guess my brain is functioning enough to count things:

book piles

I bought:
317 doujinshi
21 special booklets
14 manga
6 CDs
2 DVDs
2 magazines
1 novel

Also, enough goods to build a shrine:

Midotaka shrine (home version)
(non-MidoTaka goods not pictured, but there are a lot of those, too)

I guess it will surprise nobody that I bought more MidoTaka doujinshi than any other pairing. (The two piles on the left in the first picture are ALL MidoTaka.) The breakdown goes like this:

MidoTaka - 147 (including the Ogeretsu collection that is only barely MidoTaka)
IwaOi - 52
KageHina - 33
BokuAka - 21 (2 are +KuroKen)
KuroKen - 13
Kinichi - 10
RinHaru - 5
IwaOi + KiseKasa (crossover) - 2
AsaNoya - 2
Gag/no pairing - 2 (1 is kind of DaiSuga?)
KiseKasa - 1
LevYaku - 1
FuruMiyu - 1
DaiSuga - 1
Original - 26

I am planning on doing a full trip report (with the exciting evolution of the MidoTaka shrine!!), but for now...back to reading doujinshi.
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Before I talk at great length about Haikyuu, I want to talk about deputy shopping services. I have been using Noppin for years (since they were Crescent, even) and have been happy with them. At the end of December, however, just as I was getting ready to place a bunch of bids on Winter Comiket doujinshi, Noppin closed for a week for the holiday and server maintenance. I panicked and started looking for a different deputy service, because what if I missed all the Comiket doujinshi?? But I soon calmed down and realized that 1) everyone was going to be closed at least for a few days for New Years, and 2) I already have a sizable deposit at Noppin, and it's kind of annoying to have to make a deposit elsewhere as well. So I decided to be patient and wait out the holiday, and of course I didn't have any trouble getting anything I wanted.

The reason I tell this story is that while I was panicking, I found a service called Goody Japan. They don't have real time bidding the way Noppin does, so I doubt I'll be using their auction services. BUT their fees for shopping services are way cheaper (¥400 + 7% vs ¥1000 + 10% at Noppin), and placing orders is much easier compared to Noppin's clunky message board. (Since I mentioned the deposit above, I will say that with Goody's system, you make a deposit for each shopping order, and then it's subtracted from the final total you owe, so they don't keep money for you the way Noppin does for their auction service.) Frankly, it makes it dangerously easy to order things from Animate, or Tora no Ana, or any number of shops. They also were super fast in getting my things packaged and ready to ship out (Noppin can take days to get a package ready, especially when apparently they think your package is going to get confiscated because it has freaking udon noodles in it), and everything was packed perfectly. I kind of laughed that they made a big deal out of the air pocket padding, but the box really did seem lighter compared to just newspaper. Anyway, I will definitely be using Goody again--in fact, I just placed another doujinshi order this weekend because Haikyuu!! (Those exclamation points are in the title, but they are also the punctuation for that sentence.) This good of a segue as any, I guess?

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I spent way too much time this weekend watching Magi this weekend. It is...not a great show, but some people keep reblogging amazing fanart on tumblr so here I am. (For the record, this is the picture that made me go, "Okay, I give up, I need to see this show.") You forget, though, when you read a lot of BL, that shipping some background characters in a shounen show can be really frustrating. Oh well, at least I've gotten to like Alibaba and Hakuryuu, the dorks.

In other news, I'm soliciting opinions on two problems ("problems") I have:

1. How do you shelve manga when the author goes by multiple pen names? It's not really a problem for changes like Moto Haruko --> Moto Haruhira, but then there's Ukyou Aya/Sakyou Ayane. Right now I have her stuff all filed under Ukyou (because I bought stuff by her under that name first), but obviously I'm more into her BL stuff so it's starting to seem weird to file her under her shoujo name when that's not really how I think of her. Anyway, I'm kind of curious how other people handle stuff like this.

2. A few weeks ago I went on a doujinshi shopping spree and snagged a bunch of stuff off of Yahoo Auctions, and somehow, a set of Love Stage manga found its way into the mix. I already have digital copies, but I decided I wanted hard copies also, and I got them on Yahoo Actions because I found a listing for a set that included the Animate-exclusive cover. (For reference: original cover) I assumed the book would come with both covers, but it didn't. Here's my problem: I like the original cover better. BUT I love the way the alternate cover is like an alternate view of the same picture, which means I need to have both. So I'm wondering: what would you do?
A) No need to buy the book again, you already have it on your iPad
B) Buy the book to have both covers, keep both books
C) Buy the book to have both covers, throw away extra book
D) Something else I haven't thought of
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...Well, maybe less "cleaning" and more "organizing." (Though I have spent a lot of time with my dust cloth.) My past week has looked like this:

  • mail sorted (junk tossed; useful things filed [actually filed, not just set on file box], former pile on file box sorted and filed
  • manga (all of this year's purchases) sorted and shelved; Japan 2013 manga integrated into greater collection
    (three boxes moved from shelves to closet)
  • Japan 2013 doujinshi cataloged, sorted, and filed
  • DVDs organized and shelved (including ones that had been in a crate since basement renovations last year)
  • new drama CDs ripped to computer and shelved (mostly extras that came with Dear+ issues)
  • Japan 2013 special booklets cataloged [in progress]

Due to the length of time it takes to enter special booklet data, I'm only about a third of the way through that, I think. I'm dreading the Libre "booklets" (can we really call them "booklets" when they're so big I'm planning to shelve them with artbooks?) of 5000 authors each writing a two page story. Once I finish with that, I plan to catalog my artbooks (somehow have never entered those in my database). After that, I'll have to move on to something less fun, like clothes or the bathroom cabinet. (*bleh* to both of those, but it needs to get done.) I also need to dust, and if you think that doesn't sound like a huge project, you've never seen how many knick-knacks I keep on the tops of my bookshelves.

Also, I officially have a doujinshi problem. I did manage to get them all put away, but I'm honestly concerned about the integrity of the file cabinet that holds them. The bottom drawer is alarming in its unwillingness to move; it scrapes the floor almost the whole time, rather than only when pulled out all the way, like it used to. I definitely need to do some purging, and it's been a while since I did a doujinshi purge, so I almost certainly have some I could get rid of, but, well, purging is sad. This would be a first-stage purge (just moving them to my closet), but still. (I should note that the manga mentioned above was moved to the closet only for storage purposes; most of that is stuff I don’t want to get rid of.)

Anybody have a spare house I could borrow? Mine is out of space.

In other news, I talked my parents into getting me a good rice cooker for my birthday. What happened was this: I ordered myself a tofu press so I can make fresh tofu. And I was imagining how good fresh tofu would taste, and I how could have a meal of just rice and nori and tofu, and then I realized, crap, our rice cooker SUCKS. It burns the rice every dang time. (Never buy American rice cookers. Waste of money.) rice cooker. This one, chosen over the "umami" model mostly because of the retractable cord, though the slow cooker setting WAS tempting.
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Since Taiyousha finally(?) posted their release list for December manga, I feel like my shopping list is in pretty good shape, so... here it is. Obviously I will continue to add (and hopefully remove!) titles as we get closer to the trip, but let's call this version 1.0 (officially out of beta testing).

1. Due to my pact with [ profile] mangaroo, I can't reveal the meaning behind my color-coding system. I might give some hints if you ask real nice and promise not to guess which color might be out of print titles.

2. I have way (waaaaaay) too much shoujo on my list, so I'm officially soliciting opinions on which series are the best to buy.

3. This was me trying to make my list shorter...?? orz I definitely have some trimming to do.
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I managed to get the living room straightened up last night, so today I'll take a break and then get to work on the mess in my bedroom tomorrow. This week has been really long and tiring, ugh. (OK, the living room still has a pile of boxes--because I'll need some of them for packing up books--and my sorted VHS tapes, but it's all out of the way and organized, and it's not like I burned a hole in the carpet or something, so I'm sure my parents won't mind.)

I brought some (shounen and shoujo) manga to work to put on the "free books" shelf that we have out in the hall. When I was sorting through my (BL) magazines, I found two duplicates (why??), so I brought those into work to throw into the recycling with a bunch of other papers. Some really thoughtful recycling worker pulled them out and put them on the free shelf yesterday, so this morning I noticed and threw them back in the recycling. Jeez, everybody I work with knows those books are mine, let's not mix the porn in, OK?

Now at least I know it's NOT safe to bring to work the BL manga I'm planning on getting rid of. I wish our recycling center in town would take paper, but they only accept newspaper and phone books, so I have to find someplace else to dump my books. Recycling porn is complicated.

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This weekend I started my closet organization project. My parents are out of town, so I figured nobody was around to be annoyed by a big mess, so it would be easier if I basically pulled everything out of the closet to reorganize it all.

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Anybody out there need the Motto! Koori artbook? I seem to have two copies and I hate to throw one away. Maybe I should rip out pages and put them on my wall or something...


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